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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

July Horoscope / This month people of 6 zodiac signs can get lucky in job and business

There will be mixed times for people in Leo and Dhan zodiac, troubles of 4 zodiac can increase

The special position of the planets in July will affect all the ones. Kashi's astrologer Pt. According to Ganesh Mishra, this month will be a good time for 6 out of 12 ones. In July, people of Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius will be accompanied by constellations in job and business. The intended work can be completed. Apart from this, people of Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces have to be careful all this month. Apart from this, for the people of Leo and Dhan Rashi, time will be a mixed fruit bearer.

Astrologer Pt. According to Ganesh Mishra, the horoscope of the people of twelve zodiac signs: -

Aries: This month is going to be a yoga of change in your job and business. New deals can happen in business. Travel can be a chore, but you have to be careful. Income can also increase with hard work. Time will be good for love life. Avoid interfering in the affairs of others. Difficulties in tax, debt and rent matters may increase this month. This month will be fine in terms of health. Dental problems can occur.

Taurus: - Incomplete tasks can be completed at the beginning of the month. Promotions and increments are also happening this month. A big position or any responsibility can be found. You can make important decisions when it comes to jobs and business. Travel to a distant place can happen. Your confidence will increase and you will be able to decide on something peacefully. The offspring will also benefit from the party. There will also be full cooperation from the family. Avoid making risky decisions.

Gemini: You have to be careful this month. Disputes can occur with an officer or an older person. There can be disagreements with people working together in a job or business. There will be income, but expenses may also increase. There will be rushing and stressful times. However, help can come from new people. Which will complete your stuck tasks. One should avoid doing anything new this month. You won’t get collaboration from family this month.

Kirk: - The position of the planets will not be right for you this month. Care must be taken in the work. Big job and business decisions have to be made wisely. Controversy is likely to ensue. There will be plans for transactions, investments and savings, but not completing them can increase stress. There will be worries about the offspring. There will be income this month, but there will also be rupee expenses. There will be concerns about the health of family members. Disagreements can also arise with someone in the family.

Leo: This month may be an opportunity to move forward in job and business. New work can begin. Your old plans can be worked on. Few people can be influenced by the way you communicate. Can be a good image in the office. Other than that you have to be careful when it comes to investing. You can put money in the wrong place. Costs can also increase. You have to work harder.

Kanya: This month will be good for job and business. These days your thought tasks can be completed. Your work will be praised. Difficulties can be overcome. The harder you work, the better. Making money is becoming yoga. You will also make progress these days. The use of new technology in operations will bring prosperity. Time will be good for love life. At this time you will be lucky.

Libra: - Some of your important work may be completed in July. The decisions you make about your job, business, and other matters may prove to be true. Meet new people. They will also benefit you. You can be lucky in terms of transactions and investments. Which will benefit you. People will be happy with your work. Disputes can arise with anyone in the family. This month you will be able to move forward if you make an informed decision.

Scorpio: - This month will be important for you in terms of financial situation. These days you can get back the stuck money. Benefit yoga in property related matters. There is a possibility of sudden financial gain. Job responsibilities and big deals can be found in business. However, changes in the workplace are also becoming yoga. Job promotions and increments can be found. Health problems can arise.

Dhan: - Time will be mixed for your zodiac sign. Jobs and business may be booming this month, but costs may be rising. New responsibilities and positions are likely to be found in the job. Travels and hassles can also increase. Anxiety will increase. Disagreements with family and spouse are likely to occur. Disputes can occur. Secrets are becoming the yoga of revelation. Accidents are feared.

Capricorn: Time will not be right for you in family and financial matters. Home-family matters can be more confusing. It will increase your stress. Disputes can arise with any member of the family. You can be misled by your own people in a few cases. Be careful about health. You may also have to take out a loan because of the demonstrations. Time is not right for a love life.

Aquarius: In July, there may be some important plans for the future. The intended work can be completed. You can win in court cases and other disputes. There will be a new job or a new business plan. Meet new people. You can make important decisions in the matter of property. Time will be good for love life. Have a good time with family. Problems related to offspring will be less. The health of the offspring will be good. You may be injured this month.

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Mean: You have to be careful this month. Difficulties can arise in jobs and business. You can't focus on yourself and your family. Anxiety about work. Can get entangled in responsibilities. You can also make wrong decisions about your work this month. Hard work and running can increase. This month
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Result / Board Exam 2020: General stream marksheet of standard 12 will be available from this date

The marksheet will be distributed from June 29 after the online result of standard 12 general stream. The marksheet will be distributed school wise. The result distribution is not to be done from the district center due to the Koro epidemic crisis. But it has to be done taluka wise.

  • The result of the standard 12 general stream will be announced online on June 15

  • The marksheet will be sent to the office of the District Education Officer by June 28

  • The marksheet will be distributed from June 29

The result of the standard 12 general stream was announced online on June 15. Whose marksheet has been sent today taluka wise and school wise. For the timely distribution of this marksheet, the marksheet will be sent to the office of the District Education Officer by late 28th June. The marksheet will then be distributed from June 29. As well as students will not be called to school together.

Marksheets will be distributed by setting up small centers

The marksheet will be distributed school wise. The result distribution is not to be done from the district center due to the Koro epidemic crisis. But it has to be done taluka wise.

Social distance must be taken into consideration

The District Education Officer will send the mark sheet per taluka. Arrangements have to be made for distribution of marksheets at taluka level. Considering the number of masks, social distance and sanitation facilities and the number of taluka schools, arrangements have to be made to reduce congestion.


At the same time, he has requested to ensure that no garba, procession or DJ is organized.
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TIKTOK's big statement came after being banned, saying we are users of India ...

A new step has been taken in the recent tense atmosphere between India and China and India has banned 59 Chinese apps. These include successful apps like TickTalk and Hello. After which Tiktok said that user information should not be given to any country or even China.

  • Government orders ban on Tiktok
  • Statement given by Nikhil Gandhi
  • China will not provide user information
The government's order is being complied with, but no Indian user information has been shared with any other country, not even China. Yesterday (June 29), the Modi government banned 59 apps, including TikTok. Amid tensions in Ladakh, the government's decision is being seen as a strong message for China.

Nikhil Gandhi, India head of Tiktok, said, "The Indian government has issued an interim order banning 59 apps, including Tiktok. We are preparing to comply with the order." Nikhil Gandhi also said that we will maintain the privacy and integrity of the user. However, the government's claim is different and very serious.

Informing about its decision on June 29, the central government said, "We are getting information about the misuse of these apps, users' data is being transferred to other countries outside India." 

The central government has taken this decision under Section 69-A of the IT Act. The government has said that these apps are a threat to India's sovereignty and integrity, so they have been banned from mobile and non-mobile internet devices.
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Ban on Chinese apps / ban on 59 Chinese apps including Tick Talk, Hello, Share It and UC Browser, the government said - a threat to the country's security and unity

New Delhi.  The central government on Monday banned 59 Chinese apps.  "We have banned the A59 app which is a threat to India's unity and security," the government said in the order.

This app was banned

This app was banned

  1. TikTok
  2.     Shareit
  3.     Kwai
  4.     UC Browser
  5.     Baidu map
  6.     Shein
  7.     Clash of Kings
  8.     DU battery saver
  9.     Helo
  10.     Likee
  11.     YouCam makeup
  12.     Mi Community
  13.     CM Browers
  14.     Virus Cleaner
  15.     APUS Browser
  16.     ROMWE
  17.     Club Factory
  18.     Newsdog
  19.     Beutry Plus
  20.     WeChat
  21.     UC News
  22.     QQ Mail
  23.     Weibo
  24.     Xender
  25.     QQ Music
  26.     QQ Newsfeed
  27.     Bigo Live
  28.     SelfieCity
  29.     Mail Master
  30.     Parallel Space
  31.     Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
  32.     WeSync
  33.     ES File Explorer
  34.     Viva Video – QU Video Inc
  35.     Meitu
  36.     Vigo Video
  37.     New Video Status
  38.     DU Recorder
  39.     Vault- Hide
  40.     Cache Cleaner DU App studio
  41.     DU Cleaner
  42.     DU Browser
  43.     Hago Play With New Friends
  44.     Cam Scanner
  45.     Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
  46.     Wonder Camera
  47.     Photo Wonder
  48.     QQ Player
  49.     We Meet
  50.     Sweet Selfie
  51.     Baidu Translate
  52.     Vmate
  53.     QQ International
  54.     QQ Security Center
  55.     QQ Launcher
  56.     U Video
  57.     V fly Status Video
  58.     Mobile Legends
  59.     DU Privacy

Maharashtra suspends MoU, Bihar cancels tender
 Earlier this week, the Maharashtra government blocked a Rs 5,020 crore MoU with a Chinese company.  The Maharashtra government had appealed to the Center to clarify its policies in the context of the campaign linked to China's boycott.  The MoU was signed with China's Hangli Group, Great Wall Motors and PMI Electro Mobility Solutions.  The Bihar government also announced on Sunday that the tender for the bridge to be built in Patna has been canceled.  State Roads and Transport Minister Nandkishore Yadav informed this.  Some Chinese partners were also among those who received tenders.  It was therefore decided to cancel the tender.
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PM Modi recommends all countrymen to download AarogyaSetu app

A mobile app called AarogyaSetu has been launched by the Government of India when Corona virus has been spread around the world. This app lets you know if you’ve been exposed to people infected with coronas. The purpose of this application is to provide greater security to the public so that people can know if they have been exposed to an infected person. And if exposed, they can be alerted in advance so that the infection does not spread to anyone else, including their family.

Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.

Addressing the country on April 14 today, PM Narendra Modi has recommended to all the countrymen to install this apt bridge. This app is believed to be used as an e-pass during lockdown in the future. This app can retrieve information about whether you have been exposed to infected persons. So every citizen has been appealed to install this app.

The Corona track can be redeemed by an app called Aarogua Setu. With the help of this app, people who are infected with Corona can be prevented from exposure. As you pass through a corona infected person the app will alert you. Available in the app for Android and iPhone, Bluetooth, location and mobile number are used to track corona infected persons. 

That is, if your phone has a health bridge app and as soon as you go through an infected person that app will alert you. The app also contains information like Corona’s help center and self-assessment test. This app was designed by the NIC under the Public Private Partnership.

To use this app you first need to install the AarogyaSetu App from Google Play or App Store. You can click on this link to download this app from Google Play.

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Horoscope of 1st July / Wednesday will be the grace of Ganesha on Capricorns, good news regarding the career of children will be found

Well known astrologer Dr. about what July 1, Wednesday will be like for you. Learn from Ajay Bhambi according to your zodiac sign.


Positive: - Aries lord is devoted to his deeds to the best of his ability. Today you can achieve every difficult goal through hard work. Many controversies will be resolved through dialogue.

Negative: - Receiving any unpleasant or inauspicious news from somewhere will be frustrating. Planning without talking to a friend can be a problem for you.

Love: - Husband and wife will be in harmony with each other.
Occupation: - One can meet someone today for the accomplishment of the work for which one was trying in business.
Health: - Health will be good.


Positive: - You've been planning to renovate and decorate your home for some time now. Plan for it today with the family together. If you are thinking of getting a car then time will be on the side.

Negative: - Work only by properly budgeting expenses. Costs are becoming more and more yoga. Controlling speech today.

Love: - Sitting with family members and making home decisions will make the relationship sweeter.
Occupation: - The employed person will take full care of his work.
Health: - Health will be good.

Gemini: -

Positive: - With the inspiration and blessings of a well wisher, you will realize what the true meaning of human life is and spend your time helping others which will bring you heartfelt happiness.

Negative: - Gemini people are good at talking but if you have a habit of talking too much, be a little careful today.

Love: - Husband-wife relationship will be normal.
Business: - Any good deal can be done in real estate related business today.
Health: - Problems like viral fever can occur.


Positive: - Today you complete your work thoughtfully and peacefully. Your humble nature will be appreciated by the people at this time. You will be more interested in the spiritual realm.

Negative: - At this time you may get in trouble which may lead to accusation of someone close to you. However, everything will be fine once the facts come to light.

Love: - Relationship with spouse will be well maintained.
Business: - Preserve every step in the business.
Health: - Health will be good.


Positive: - You keep the sweetness in relationships with relatives and friends despite being busy. Your spiritual time will be spent in recreation.

Negative: - Money stuck somewhere can be recovered. Controversy and fighting are imminent. Costs can increase with the arrival of guests in the home.

Love: - Make the outside atmosphere sweet as well as the home environment pleasant.
Occupation: - Favorable fruits will be obtained in trade.
Health: - Seasonal illnesses can cause physical hardship.

Girls: -

Positive: - The bridesmaids are good at making public contact and today you will also benefit from these contacts. The arrival of a guest in the house will be lively.

Negative: - There will be some kind of concern about the child but you will also be able to bring a solution by thinking of sharing the problem with someone.

Love: - Family atmosphere will be good.
Business: - There may be some new responsibilities in the business.
Health: - Health will be good.

Libra: -

Positive: - There will be beneficial contact with specific people. This will bring innovation in your ideological style and also end the long running worries.

Negative: - Your overconfidence in someone can also hurt. Losing a little hope can hurt.

Love: - Spouse will feel a little uncomfortable today.
Business: - Don't invest too much money in business today.
Health: - Health will be excellent.

Scorpio: -

Positive: - Being more serious and aware of your work today will create beneficial conditions. Your positive thinking will get you achievements.

Negative: - Be mindful of your budget before spending on shopping and entertainment related activities. Allies do not share their plans publicly.

Love: - Seeing your passion and complete devotion towards love relationships, you will get permission for marriage of family members.
Occupation: - There are many types of problems that are likely to arise in the workplace.
Health: - Women should be aware of their healt.

Dhan: -

Positive: - You will be relieved today from any kind of dilemma and restlessness that has been going on for some time and you will feel full of energy. There will be great joy in doing something impossible today.

Negative: - Keep handling your important thing. They will be in danger of being stolen or lost.

Love: - Don't let the relationship with your spouse and parents deteriorate.
Business: If there is a legal dispute related to trade, work on it today.
Health: Take special care of blood pressure.

Capricorn: -

Positive: - Completing your personal affairs in secret today will lead to success and good news from anywhere.

Negative: - Home repair and maintenance work can increase costs which can mess up your monthly budget.


Love: - Getting any good news related to the career of the child will make the home environment better.
Occupation: - Success to the people involved in import-export
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Threats to blow up hotels in Mumbai, including Hotel Taj, call from Pakistan

Increased security of hotels in view of the seriousness of the threat

 Mumbai: Mumbai's Taj Hotel has been threatened with blowing up.  The threat was made over a phone call.  A similar threatening call to Hotel Colaba and Taj Lands End came from Pakistan late at night at 12:30 p.m.  Hotel security has been beefed up following the threatening call.

 The call was received by the staff of Hotel Taj Palace at 12:30 last night.  The caller said he was a member of the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba.  The hotel will be heavily attacked by their people and the hotel will be blown up.  As happened in November 2008.

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 After which another call was made at Hotel Taj Lands End in Bandra.  There were similar threats to call receiving staff.  It is learned that the call was made from the same number in both the places, which belonged to Pakistan.

 Considering the seriousness of the matter, Mumbai Police has beefed up security at the hotel.  The cyber cell is investigating the case.  Help is also being sought from the telecom department.  So that the caller's location can be known.

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 It may be recalled that on November 26, 2008, there was a terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.  The attack was carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba militants, who came from Pakistan by sea.  The terrorist attack killed 166 people, while the attackers were also shot dead.
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Gujarat will be hailed all over the world today, cryostat of largest nuclear fusion to be sent to France

Surat: The world's largest nuclear fusion project is being built in France.  It is costing around Rs 1.5 lakh to build.  India has a big role to play in this project.

 India has built a device called the heart of a nuclear plant.  This device is called a cryostat or it can also be called a fridge of a nuclear plant.  This is because it keeps the heat, coolant, etc. from the atomic energy cool.  The picture shows that the steel frame is the cover of the fridge.

 It is important that today the whole world is going to be proud of India and especially Gujarat.  The final portion of the "Cryostat" top lead for the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor, built under the Make in India initiative by L&T Heavy Engineering in Hazira, Surat, will be shipped from India to France.

Indian company L&T has built the largest section of the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor, a section 1250 MT cryostat base, under the Make in India project.  Today, the final part of the top lead sectors will depart from Hazira to France

India's most significant contribution is to the world's largest nuclear fusion project being built in France at a cost of Rs 1.5 lakh crore.  In which Gujarat has a special contribution.  The L&T company recently said, "L&T's engineering team supplied a machine to make a 1250 ton cryostat during the lockdown, which did not delay its construction.

 The vacuum of the cryostat reactor forms an impermeable container around the vessel and acts as a large refrigerator.  India is one of the seven countries that are part of the થ 20 billion International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in Cadarach, France.  It is one of the largest inventions in the world.

 When work begins in France, temperatures will reach 150 million degrees Fahrenheit [150 million C], 10 times higher than the center of the sun.

 As a member of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), India has undertaken to build this cryostat.  Earlier, the project was to meet China but was taken over by India.  Temperatures will reach 150 million degrees Celsius when work begins on the world's largest nuclear power plant in France.  Which will be 10 times greater than the center of the sun.  Cryostat will be fitted to cool this heat

India, 7 countries including America are building an atomic plant together

 The total weight of a crystall i.e. a refrigerator of a nuclear plant is 3850 tons.  Its 50th and final part weighs approximately 650 tons.  This part is 29.4 meters wide and 29 meters high.  India, USA, Japan, Russia and 7 other countries are building this new atomic plant.  Which is being called the little sun.  The lower part of the cryostat was last shipped on July 7th.  The cylinder above it was shipped in March this year while its lid is now being shipped.

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 What is a cryostat after all?

  •  Cryostat steel has a high vacuum pressure chamber.  If a reactor generates too much heat, it needs a large refrigerator to cool it.  Which is called ‘cryostat’.

  •  Under this project, its temperature will reach 150 million degrees Celsius.  Which will be 10 times greater than the center of the sun.

  •  The total weight of a crystal state i.e. nuclear plant refrigerator is 3850 tons.  Its 50th and final part weighs approximately 650 tons.  This part is 29.4 meters wide and 29 meters high.

  •  India, USA, Japan, Russia and 7 other countries are building this new atomic plant.

  •  The lower part of the cryostat was last shipped on July 7th.  While the cylinder above it was sent in March this year, its lid is now being sent.

  •  India contributes 9 per cent to the French project

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Tiktok will not be lost, as Facebook launched this app like it, find out what the features of the app are

59 Chinese applications have been banned in India.  However, all of these apps were currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store until the news broke.  Many questions remain unanswered after the ban on these apps.  For example, what will happen to videos of TickTock users?  Which is in the millions.  Demand for Indian and non-Chinese applications will increase after the ban on Chinese applications.  Etc. etc. when an app is launched through Facebook

  • Facebook has launched the Collab app

  •  Colab may launch application in Indian market as soon as possible

  •  You can create short videos through this app

 Facebook has launched the Collab app

In May this year, Facebook launched an app called Colab.  Facebook has long been keeping an eye on the short video app Tiktok.  In comparison, Facebook has launched its short video app Colab.  However, the app is currently only available to iOS users in the US and Canada.  The ban on tickets in India could benefit Facebook.  To this end, the company may launch the Colab application in the Indian market as soon as possible.  However the company has not yet officially said anything about this.  But experts believe that Facebook will not let this opportunity go by hand.

Collab features

 Talking about the features of Facebook's collaboration app, you can create short videos with this app.  You can also add interesting music to the video.  You can create a video on the song in three parts.  You can invite your two friends for the other two parts.  All the facilities near Colab are similar to Tiktok.  Another user can also create their own video using the video you posted.

 For example you can sing a song in a video.  Your friend can play the guitar and a third friend can play music.  The Collab application is named after Collaboration.  Which means collaboration / partnership.

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 Users can also share videos made on Colab on social media.  However before sharing videos on other platforms like Instagram and TikTalk they need to share on Colab.  Apart from this the app does not have a save to camera roll feature, which means you cannot save videos to the phone.

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PM Modi will address the nation today amid the Koro crisis and tensions with China

PM's address to the nation / Prime Minister Modi will address the nation for the sixth time in the Corona era, find out what announcements have been made so far

  • The Prime Minister will address the nation this evening at 4 p.m.

  •  Can send a strong message to China

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the nation on Tuesday evening.  PM Modi will deliver his message to the nation on June 30 at 4 pm.  On the one hand, in a country where the number of Koro infections is steadily rising, on the other hand, tensions with China remain high after the violent escalation in the Galvan Valley.  The Prime Minister's address in the name of the nation is being considered very important.

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 Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation under the "Mann Ki Baat" program.  In his radio program, PM Modi referred to everything from hurricanes to locust terror and soldiers killed in Ladakh.  On the other hand, without naming China, Prime Minister Modi said that those who look up to India in Ladakh have received a resounding response.

 It should be noted that India, like other countries in the world, is currently infected with the corona virus.  The number of Koro infections in the country has crossed 5.48 lakh and 16,475 people have died.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the nation once again today.  All eyes are on Prime Minister Modi's address amid rising speed of the corona virus case in the country and the ongoing dispute with China over the border.  Prime Minister Modi has addressed the nation many times since the outbreak of the corona virus.  Today is his sixth address.  Earlier, the Prime Minister had addressed the nation from the announcement of the public curfew to the Rs 20 lakh crore package.

 When did the Corona crisis address the nation?

 March 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the Corona crisis for the first time on the same day and announces a public curfew on March 22.

 March 24: In his second address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown in the country.  Which was imposed for 21 days starting March 25th.

 April 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation and appeals to the people to light the lamp.  In honor of the Corona Warriors in the country, an appeal was made to light a lamp for 9 minutes at 9 p.m.

 April 14: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces Lockdown 2.0 in his address, starting May 3.  Each lockdown was then announced by the Home Ministry.

 May 12: The Prime Minister last addresses on May 12.  In it, he announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore.  Under it, small traders of the country, laborers, financial help to the poor, loan help were announced.

 June 30: The Prime Minister is scheduled to address the nation at 4 pm today.

Gujarati TV

  1. TV9Gujarati Live ::-Click here 
  2. News18 Gujarati Live ::-Click here
  3.  Sandesh News Live ::-Click here

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 Notably, cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly in the country and now the number has reached close to 6 lakh.  Meanwhile, the government has given the information of Unlock 2 only on Monday.

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June 30 Horoscope / Tuesday Taurus people have to control their temper and anger

June 30 horoscope.  Well known astrologer Dr. about what Tuesday 30th June will be like for you.  Learn from Ajay Bhambi according to your zodiac sign.


 Positive: - Don't ignore any phone call today.  Which can give you some important information related to marketing or media.  Which will be beneficial for your financial status.

 Negative: - A friend or relative will back off from their futures which may make you a little worried.  Which can cause your future plans to hang.

 Love: - Consult your spouse today in any decision regarding money.
 Business: - Put your energy into doing business related tasks in business today
 Health: - Weakness will be seen in health.


 Positive: - You have been doing your job very instinctively and comfortably for some time now.  If there is an ongoing dispute over inherited property, it is time to resolve it.

 Negative: - You should control your temper and anger.  Your rights and anger can hurt others.

 Love: - Happiness and peace will be maintained in the home-family.
 Occupation: - Job seekers have to make some kind of short trip.
 Health: - There will be problems like cervical and gas.

 Gemini: -

 Positive: - Today you will think only about yourself and work only for yourself.  Any decision you make today will pay off.  Very good results will be obtained in the near future.

 Negative: - Sometimes your ego and being overly selfish can hurt you.  Focus on children's problems today.

 Love: - Spouse may feel a little weak in your health.
 Occupation: - Time is of the essence from a business point of view.
 Health: - An inherited disease can occur.


 Positive: - Before you do any work today, do thorough research on it and move forward only by thinking about its positive and negative factors.

 Negative: - If any work related to land is going to be done, complete the work without expecting much benefit from it.

 Love: - There will be sweetness in love relationships.
 Occupation: - A little change in occupation will improve the work.
 Health: - There is a possibility of any kind of infection.


 Positive: - The person of Leo marriage has the ability to do everything on his own and now the planet pasture is also on your side.  Take full advantage of your potential.

 Negative: - Sometimes laziness can cause you to lose some achievements and sometimes even damage the state of overconfidence.

 Love: - The interference of a third party in a love relationship can lead to misunderstandings.
 Business: - Give more importance to marketing related tasks in business
 Health: - Heat related skin problems can occur.

 Girls: -

 Positive: - Your full attention today will be on completing your financial affairs.  Also do charity related to religion which will increase the respect of you as well as your family.

 Negative: - Do not allow anyone to experience activities like appearing in religious activities.  Sometimes your skeptical nature can cause problems for you.

 Love: - Make entertainment plans to sweeten the relationship with your spouse.
 Occupation: - You may be defamed by an officer in the job.
 Health: - Health will be good.

 Libra: -

 Positive: - Try to complete your tasks yourself today without expecting anyone to help you.  Believe in your abilities.

 Negative: - Sometimes stress can lead to a decrease in work capacity.  If you think about it, the harassment is not as big as the stress you have taken.

 Love: - There will be an atmosphere of despair in the house due to difficulty in any work related to children.
 Occupation: - Get father's help in your work.
 Health: - There will be swelling in the legs.

 Scorpio: -

 Positive: Nowadays you are doing practically every task away from emotions, which will give you new possibilities.  The mind will be happy if any payment comes suddenly today.

 Negative: - If you are making a program related to a nearby religious pilgrimage, it would be better to postpone it for now.

 Love: - Your nature will make your practical life happy.
 Business: Don't meet anyone today and don't do marketing related work.
 Health: - Health will be good.

 Dhan: -

 Positive: The economic side can remain strong.  Good news regarding offspring can be found.  Personal relationships can be strong.  Travel conditions can be pleasant.  Spouse cooperation and intimacy can be found.

 Negative: - Try to do any task with understanding.  Unnecessary causes can cause any kind of harassment.  Try to adapt to the arrangement of the house with confidence within you.

 Love: - Today you need to have control over yourself.
 Occupation: - Your ability to understand and think will be better.
 Health: - This time is not auspicious for the health of parents and siblings.

 Capricorn: -

 Positive: - The cooperation of the ruling power can be found.  Family life is likely to be happy.  The economic side can remain strong.  A personal relationship can be sweet.  Will be going on a trip.

 Negative: - Working conditions can be good.  Many kinds of problems can arise today.  Try to maintain harmony with each other in every way.

 Love: - You will be in love with more than one person.
 Occupation: - The situation is likely to be favorable.
 Health: - The health of the child may be slightly affected.

 Aquarius: -

 Positive: - Confidence can increase.  The responsibility of the offspring can be fulfilled.  Success can be found in the field of education.  Family life will be happy.  Personal relationships can be strong.

 Negative: - One should think carefully before making any decision.  Migration is becoming a strong yoga in your job this year and will create a bit of a stressful situation in the workplace.

 Love: - Love can have a little adverse effect on life.
 Business: - There will be good opportunities for financial gain.
 Health: - Long running problems will be removed.

 Mean: -

 Positive: - Travel status can come.  Participation in a manglik or family festival may increase.  Have fun with family.  The responsibility of the offspring can be fulfilled.

 Negative: - Be cautious about investing in stock market, betting etc.  Do any task wisely.  Try to establish a good relationship with everyone in the house.

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 Love: - Time will not be more favorable for love relationships.
 Occupation: - There will be a time of benefit for those who work in a multinational company.
 Health: - Be careful in eating while traveling.
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Bank calls to collect Rs 3.5: Poor farmer walks 15 km to pay

BANGALORE: Banks can't waste anything when big scammers run away with a multi-billion rupee scam. However, there is a case in Karnataka where banks show the power to recover a single rupee from the common and poor class.  The borrower owed the farmer a sum of money at the fingertips of the bank.

 According to media reports, a branch of Canara Bank in Nittur, a small town, asked the farmer to pay the remaining Rs.  Surprisingly, the poor farmer had to walk 15 kilometers to reach the bank to pay such a meager amount.

 There is no bus or any other means to reach the bank from Baruve village in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The farmer had no option but to walk 15 km on foot.  Was, and the remaining three thousand he had deposited in the bank.

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 One day, the farmer got a call from the bank and was told to come to the branch immediately. The frightened farmer walked 15 km and when he reached the bank, he found out that he had been pushed so long to collect Rs.  The bank manager, on the other hand, claimed that the farmer was called to the branch as his signature was required in addition to clearing the outstanding amount.
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4 inches in an hour and a half in Gondal, light rain in Rajkot-Amreli, lightning in a house in Bhavnagar

  • Slow rains in Dhari and Rajula districts

  •  Vora Kotda lost contact due to heavy rains in Gondal

Heavy rains lashed Virpur and Gondal districts.  Gondal received 4 inches of rain in one and a half hours.  Heavy rains inundated shops in the Gondal Marketing Yard, while Rajkot and Amreli districts received light rains.  Cloudy weather was observed from early morning.

  It started raining slowly this afternoon in Amreli district amidst black debong clouds.  So there was an atmosphere of happiness among the farmers as the standing crop was given a lifeline.  On the other hand, a building in Bhavnagar was struck by a lightning slab and electric appliances were burnt.

 Vehicles had to stop on the highway due to heavy rains in Gondal

 The downpour was so heavy that vehicles had to stop on the highway. Caddos were flooded in low-lying areas due to strong winds. Everyone, big or small, had to go for a bath.

  The people in the city of Gondal were overjoyed with the downpour.  Also in the diocese, it rained in Derdi, Movia, Vinjiwad, Hadmatala GIDC as well as in the surrounding rural areas.

 Umwala Road became an underbridge swimming pool

 Heavy rains in Yatradham Virpur and Gondal

 It was raining heavily in Yatradham Virpur.  After unbearable blizzard since morning, the weather has turned cold with heavy downpour in the afternoon.  The children enjoyed bathing in the pouring rain.  Farmers are happy with the good rains on the groundnut crop.

  The Gondal district also received 4 inches of rain.  Heavy rains in Gondal's Derdi, Vekari and surrounding areas have cooled the atmosphere.  At the same time, water flooded the shops in the Gondal Marketing Yard.  With this, Jumwala Road became an underbridge swimming pool.  So that people enjoyed bathing. The farmers were happy with the arrival of rain in Shanawakiya, Girgarhda.

 Cooling pervades the atmosphere

 For the last several days, black dibang clouds had been hovering in the sky, but it was not cloudy.  The farmers had also completed the sowing work and were waiting for Megharaja's paperwork.  Then this afternoon it rained slowly in Amreli district and Ubhi Molat was given life in the field.

  So that happiness was seen among the peasants.  The rains flooded the city's markets.  At the same time, the atmosphere became cold.  Villages including Dhari, Rajula, Hindorana, Khakhbai and Mota Agaria received light rains.

 It started raining slowly in the pillars
 It has started raining today after a long hiatus in Khambha district.  Farmers were worried that there would be no rain after sowing and fear of crop failure.  There was an atmosphere of happiness among the farmers when it started raining slowly today.

 Lightning struck a building in Kaliabid area of ​​Bhavnagar

 It started raining with thunderstorms with black debong clouds in Bhavnagar today.  At that time, lightning struck the roof of Kuldeep Singh Jadeja's house in Kaliabid Akshargham Society with a bang.  So that the water tank in the front was damaged and the slab cracked.

  Electrical wiring and electric instruments were also damaged. Fortunately, no one was killed.  People rushed to the spot and Kuldeep Singh said there was a loud bang and lightning and water tank, slab and electric wiring were damaged.

 (Bharat Vyas-Bhavnagar, Hirendrasinh Rathod-Khambha, Jaydev Varu-Amreli)
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Sunday, June 28, 2020

To Do Natural Farming, One Cow Earns Rs. 900 Will Get Maintenance Costs

To Do Natural Farming, One Cow Earns Rs. 900 Will Get Maintenance Cost

  • The farmer who wants to avail the benefit has to apply on the 'I farmer' portal

In order to give priority to indigenous cow based natural farming by the state government, farmers have to pay Rs. 900 i.e. a maximum of Rs. The government has shown readiness to do 10,800. To avail this assistance, farmers have to apply online on the 'I Farmer' portal. The amount to be sanctioned to the farmer will be Rs. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided to deposit RTGS-DBT in the bank accounts of 2700 beneficiaries.

From the date of approval of the application to the farmers in the available period of that quarter April to June quarter maintenance cost in July, July to September quarter maintenance cost in October, October to December quarterly maintenance cost in January and January to March quarterly maintenance cost in April. From the date of approval of the application for the available period of that quarter Rs. 900 will be paid for maintenance.

Download 900 Sahay Official Paripatra

Launch of "I Farmer" portal for online application Interested farmers have to submit their application online to the Project Director, Atma on the "I Farmer" portal. Online application can be made at village level through e-gram center or wherever computer-internet facility is available.

 In addition, if the applicant submits the physical application to the concerned office, the office will have to submit the application on the portal till the portal is open within the time limit. After applying online, the applicant gets a printout of the application, signs it / thumbs up, copies 2-A, if there is a joint account holder, consent form of other account holder, copy of bank passbook / canceled check, including BTM / ATM / Gramsevak of the taluka, project director -The office of the soul must be presented It may be mentioned here that the Gujarat government is constantly striving for effective agricultural management for the farmers in the state, reduction in the uncertainty of agricultural production, reduction in agricultural expenditure and increase in the income of the farmers.

 Natural farming is the cultivation of low cost cow dung and cow urine based on the basic principles of nature. Subsistence cost for a cow to a farming family based on indigenous cow farming for the purpose of increasing soil moisture storage capacity, fertility and productivity, negligible production cost, higher cost, water saving and protection, nutrition and breeding of environment and human health. It has been decided to provide this assistance.

Who can avail the benefit If the farmer seeking the benefit of the scheme is eligible, the applicant farmer should have a native cow with identification tag at the time of application and should be doing natural farming with his dung urine or the benefit will be available after doing natural farming.

 Currently, farmers engaged in natural agriculture and master trainers prepared after training in natural agriculture will be given priority in the approval if they meet the eligibility criteria. 
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Want to add the name of the family member in the ration card? So this simple process will be updated at home

Especially at a time when the central government is distributing foodgrains on a large scale through these cards due to lockouts.  So that no poor remain hungry.  In addition, many government schemes require a ration card.

  • Ration card is a very important document

  •  Add the name of the member sitting at home in the ration card

  •  This simple process will get your work done

 In such a situation, it is essential that important documents are kept up to date so that government schemes can be availed.  Recently, the central government announced the implementation of the One Nation One Ration Card.  After its implementation, any ration card holder will be able to get ration from any state of the country.  So today we will tell you how to update the ration card if the name of a family member is missing, sitting at home.  Ration cards can be updated online or offline.

 What documents will be required?

If you want to add a child's name to this card, the head of the household must have a ration card.  Must have a photocopy and original copy.  Apart from this, the child should also have a birth certificate and a parent's Aadhaar card.

 If the bride's name is to be added to the ration card after marriage at home, for this you need her Aadhaar card, marriage certificate, photocopy of husband's ration card and original copy.  There should also be a certificate to remove the name from the ration card that the parents had at home.

 Update Ration Card online at home

  •  To update any information in the ration card one has to go to the official website of the concerned state food supply department.  First you need to create a login ID on this website.

  •  After logging in, the option to add a new member's name will appear on the homepage of this website.  Clicking on this option will open a new form.

  •  In this form you will have to fill in the complete information of new family members.

  •  Along with this form in the next step, you will also need to upload scanned copies of all the above documents.  After this the form has to be submitted.

  •  After submitting the form you will get a registration number through which you can log on to this website and track the form.

  •  This form and document will be verified by the officer.  If all the information given in this is correct then the form will be accepted and the ration card will be sent to your address by post.
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June 29 horoscope / Monday Cancer people will get good news, the day will be in the party for Capricorn

On Monday, June 29, the well-known astrologer Dr.  Learn from Ajay Bhambi according to your zodiac sign.


 Positive: - Your success today depends on your strategy and planning.  It will become a new source of wealth through hard work.  Your enthusiasm and job will be maintained.

 Negative: - With the arrival of money, there will also be a state of expenses.  Properly check before investing.  Pay more attention to the paperwork related to land purchase.

 Love: - Maintain harmony in family and practical life
 Business: - Consider a business area plan
 Health: - Do not be negligent in matters of health.


 Positive: - Completing any social work properly will increase your respect and prestige in the society.  Your aptitude and talent will come in front of people.

 Negative: - Control anger and rage.  Haste and overzealousness can ruin any of your work.

 Love: - There can be a mild dispute with the spouse.
 Occupation: - There is a possibility of job transfer.
 Health: - Drive carefully.

 Gemini: -

 Positive: - Rashi Swami Mercury is giving you amazing power to improve your practical qualities.  Rahu can also increase your imagination.

 Negative: - At this point you have to control your ego.  An elder in the household may have to go to the doctor for health problems.

 Love: - Make time for your family as well as work
 Business: - The source of income in the business sector will be less.
 Health: - Health will be good.


 Positive: - The mind will be happy to receive good news regarding any child in the family.  If a policy has matured, immediately invest the money received somewhere.

 Negative: - There will be anger in nature due to overwork.  This can lead to a situation like a dispute with a close friend or relative.

 Love: - You will find the support of your spouse in your difficult times.
 Business: - Complete all the important work at the beginning of the day.
 Health: - There will be mental fatigue.


 Positive: - If any land related purchase plan is going on then today is the right time to do it.  Seek the advice of a senior person in the plan.

 Negative: - A close friend or relative may spread a little rumor among the people against you.  Keep your plans to yourself.

 Love: - Today there will be a danger of love affair being exposed.
 Business: - Today is a great day to invest in the stock market and property.
 Health: - Health will be good.

 Girls: -

 Positive: - The range of contacts with political and important people will increase and this relationship will prove to be beneficial for you.  Anxiety related to offspring is possible today.

 Negative: - Emotions and generosity are your biggest weakness.  Take control of your weakness.  Because, some people can take advantage of it.

 Love: - Spend some time today for your spouse and family.
 Occupation: - There may be some difficulties in your field of work today.
 Health: - There will be improvement in health.

 Libra: -

 Positive: - Today you have to take time to help a friend or relative in need.  If any work related to the construction of the building was stalled it is now likely to start.

 Negative: - Court case or government case will speed up the long unfinished business.  Don't trust anyone too much today.

 Love: - Keep an eye on the activities of children and their friends.
 Occupation: - Taking work seriously.
 Health: There will be some difficulties related to seasonal illness

 Scorpio: -

 Positive: Today is the time to complete unfinished tasks.  Let go of laziness and join the work with full energy.  There will be an interview with an important person and you will be impressed by his personality.

 Negative: - To do money-money related work yourself.  Don't trust anyone else.  Any manipulation can hurt you.

 Love: - A limited love affair will brighten your personality.
 Business: - Take the area plan seriously in trade.
 Health: - There will be fluctuations in health.

 Dhan: -

 Positive: - Today is the time to complete your personal work.  Organize the paper related file.  Any stuck work related to the property may be completed soon.

 Negative: - Someone may misuse your plans.  Don't reveal anything important to anyone.

 Love: - Husband and wife will understand each other's feelings.
 Business: - Business activities will be normal due to the current situation.
 Health: - Problems like constipation related to stomach can occur.

 Capricorn: -

 Positive: - If you are planning to make any kind of change in the house, you can think about it.  Your every decision will be in your favor.

 Negative: - There is a risk of having an argument with someone in Mosal which will make you stubborn.

 Love: - Marriage will be happy.
 Occupation: - There will be collaboration of associates in the business.
 Health: - There will be troubles like panic due to heat.

 Aquarius: -

 Positive: - Today most of your time will be spent outside the home and you will complete the market related tasks on time.  If you want to invest money in any policy etc., the day will be auspicious.

 Negative: - There is a possibility of misunderstanding with a close relative.  Avoid any kind of controversy.

 Love: - Your cooperation is needed to maintain a good family atmosphere.
 Occupation: You have been working hard in your field for some time now.
 Health: - You will feel weak due to heat and stress.

 Mean: -

 Positive: - This is a very unfortunate situation.  At the same time, the cooperation of the family will increase your self-confidence.  Don't expect too much.

 Negative: - Sometimes you can only hurt yourself because of the desire for respect and the activity of appearance.  At this point you have to work with concentration.

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 Love: - There will be sweetness in marriage.
 Business: - People connected with the media will benefit.
 Health: - Do not neglect health.

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