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Monday, June 29, 2020

4 inches in an hour and a half in Gondal, light rain in Rajkot-Amreli, lightning in a house in Bhavnagar

  • Slow rains in Dhari and Rajula districts

  •  Vora Kotda lost contact due to heavy rains in Gondal

Heavy rains lashed Virpur and Gondal districts.  Gondal received 4 inches of rain in one and a half hours.  Heavy rains inundated shops in the Gondal Marketing Yard, while Rajkot and Amreli districts received light rains.  Cloudy weather was observed from early morning.

  It started raining slowly this afternoon in Amreli district amidst black debong clouds.  So there was an atmosphere of happiness among the farmers as the standing crop was given a lifeline.  On the other hand, a building in Bhavnagar was struck by a lightning slab and electric appliances were burnt.

 Vehicles had to stop on the highway due to heavy rains in Gondal

 The downpour was so heavy that vehicles had to stop on the highway. Caddos were flooded in low-lying areas due to strong winds. Everyone, big or small, had to go for a bath.

  The people in the city of Gondal were overjoyed with the downpour.  Also in the diocese, it rained in Derdi, Movia, Vinjiwad, Hadmatala GIDC as well as in the surrounding rural areas.

 Umwala Road became an underbridge swimming pool

 Heavy rains in Yatradham Virpur and Gondal

 It was raining heavily in Yatradham Virpur.  After unbearable blizzard since morning, the weather has turned cold with heavy downpour in the afternoon.  The children enjoyed bathing in the pouring rain.  Farmers are happy with the good rains on the groundnut crop.

  The Gondal district also received 4 inches of rain.  Heavy rains in Gondal's Derdi, Vekari and surrounding areas have cooled the atmosphere.  At the same time, water flooded the shops in the Gondal Marketing Yard.  With this, Jumwala Road became an underbridge swimming pool.  So that people enjoyed bathing. The farmers were happy with the arrival of rain in Shanawakiya, Girgarhda.

 Cooling pervades the atmosphere

 For the last several days, black dibang clouds had been hovering in the sky, but it was not cloudy.  The farmers had also completed the sowing work and were waiting for Megharaja's paperwork.  Then this afternoon it rained slowly in Amreli district and Ubhi Molat was given life in the field.

  So that happiness was seen among the peasants.  The rains flooded the city's markets.  At the same time, the atmosphere became cold.  Villages including Dhari, Rajula, Hindorana, Khakhbai and Mota Agaria received light rains.

 It started raining slowly in the pillars
 It has started raining today after a long hiatus in Khambha district.  Farmers were worried that there would be no rain after sowing and fear of crop failure.  There was an atmosphere of happiness among the farmers when it started raining slowly today.

 Lightning struck a building in Kaliabid area of ​​Bhavnagar

 It started raining with thunderstorms with black debong clouds in Bhavnagar today.  At that time, lightning struck the roof of Kuldeep Singh Jadeja's house in Kaliabid Akshargham Society with a bang.  So that the water tank in the front was damaged and the slab cracked.

  Electrical wiring and electric instruments were also damaged. Fortunately, no one was killed.  People rushed to the spot and Kuldeep Singh said there was a loud bang and lightning and water tank, slab and electric wiring were damaged.

 (Bharat Vyas-Bhavnagar, Hirendrasinh Rathod-Khambha, Jaydev Varu-Amreli)

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