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Monday, June 29, 2020

Bank calls to collect Rs 3.5: Poor farmer walks 15 km to pay

BANGALORE: Banks can't waste anything when big scammers run away with a multi-billion rupee scam. However, there is a case in Karnataka where banks show the power to recover a single rupee from the common and poor class.  The borrower owed the farmer a sum of money at the fingertips of the bank.

 According to media reports, a branch of Canara Bank in Nittur, a small town, asked the farmer to pay the remaining Rs.  Surprisingly, the poor farmer had to walk 15 kilometers to reach the bank to pay such a meager amount.

 There is no bus or any other means to reach the bank from Baruve village in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The farmer had no option but to walk 15 km on foot.  Was, and the remaining three thousand he had deposited in the bank.

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 One day, the farmer got a call from the bank and was told to come to the branch immediately. The frightened farmer walked 15 km and when he reached the bank, he found out that he had been pushed so long to collect Rs.  The bank manager, on the other hand, claimed that the farmer was called to the branch as his signature was required in addition to clearing the outstanding amount.

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