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Friday, June 26, 2020

Not every train will start right now / Railways said- We can't start every train keeping in view Korna, we will increase special trains as per demand

Indian Railways on Thursday decided to cancel all regular mail, express, passenger and suburban trains by August 12.

 Anyone who has booked a ticket on these trains between July 1 and August 12 will be considered canceled.

New Delhi.  Given the growing number of cases of corona, not every train can run at present.  The railways made this clear on Friday.  Railways said that given the current situation, it is not possible to start every train.  However, special trains will continue to operate and the number may increase as per demand.

 No regular train until 12 August

 On Thursday, the railway department announced that no regular trains would be run till August 12.  This means that passenger and express trains will not be operational till August 12.  The railways will give 100 per cent refund to those whose tickets are booked till August 12.  The Railway Board on Thursday issued its circular.  Special trains will be run during this period as per the decision of the board.

 Which train passengers will be affected by the new decision?

 Every regular mail, express, passenger and sub urban train has been canceled till August 12.  There can be no ticket booking.

 Will any of the recently launched trains continue?

 Local train service was just started in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  It is a special service for limited people.  This service will continue.

 What if someone has booked a ticket?

 Anyone booking a ticket to travel on these trains between July 1 and August 12 will be considered canceled.  Railways has said that passengers will be given 100 per cent refund.

 Now what option do tourists have?

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 Railways said 230 mail and special express trains are running and will continue to run.  Railways has earlier announced that more special trains will be run if the need arises.

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