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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

TIKTOK's big statement came after being banned, saying we are users of India ...

A new step has been taken in the recent tense atmosphere between India and China and India has banned 59 Chinese apps. These include successful apps like TickTalk and Hello. After which Tiktok said that user information should not be given to any country or even China.

  • Government orders ban on Tiktok
  • Statement given by Nikhil Gandhi
  • China will not provide user information
The government's order is being complied with, but no Indian user information has been shared with any other country, not even China. Yesterday (June 29), the Modi government banned 59 apps, including TikTok. Amid tensions in Ladakh, the government's decision is being seen as a strong message for China.

Nikhil Gandhi, India head of Tiktok, said, "The Indian government has issued an interim order banning 59 apps, including Tiktok. We are preparing to comply with the order." Nikhil Gandhi also said that we will maintain the privacy and integrity of the user. However, the government's claim is different and very serious.

Informing about its decision on June 29, the central government said, "We are getting information about the misuse of these apps, users' data is being transferred to other countries outside India." 

The central government has taken this decision under Section 69-A of the IT Act. The government has said that these apps are a threat to India's sovereignty and integrity, so they have been banned from mobile and non-mobile internet devices.

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