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Saturday, July 25, 2020

100 Lokmelas canceled in Saurashtra: Holidays will come but you can't go to places of pilgrimage

100 Lokmelas canceled in Saurashtra: Holidays will come but you can't go to places of pilgrimage

As the Koro epidemic in Saurashtra, which is under control till June, continues to peak as the days go by in July, more than 100 Lokmelas, including the well-known and well-known Rajkot, will be closed in Saurashtra. Local authorities have issued a notification. Thus, people will have to celebrate fairs and festivals in a hurry, not with relatives and friends, but at home.

Both sites closed for public access

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Udit Agarwal, Municipal Commissioner, Rajkot, said today that various works have been done at the Aji Dam and Nyari Dam sites to keep people at bay, but both the sites are currently closed to the public and will remain closed in the coming days. . In addition, the Pradyumna Park Zoo, where 30,000 to 5,000 people are gathering in just three days from 7th to 8th, will also be completely closed.

The administration banned the entry of people

In many districts including Porbandar, Jamnagar as well as places like Awesome Dungar, the local administration has banned the entry of people. This is necessary at the present time because of the huge crowds that gather every year at the places of pilgrimage, especially during the holidays of the seventh and eighth, and this year such crowds are tantamount to inviting an explosion of corona cases.

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He will also be able to do bhakti-puja by staying at home

In the seventh and eighth, there is a voluntary and public holiday and a 7-day holiday with Sunday-Saturday holidays. In addition to government offices, market yards are also closed for about eight days, while shops and factories also have a five- to ten-day voluntary holiday every year. This time the holidays will come, but the holidays will not be as enjoyable as every year. However, people will be able to spend this holiday time happily with their families and also do bhakti-puja at home.

The announcement was made in view of the festivals

Awesome mountain in Patanwav of Rajkot district is a tourist destination and on this mountain there are many small and big beautiful lakes including Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple, Matri Mataji temple, as well as Bhimnath Mahadev temple. So devotees are more likely to visit temples. As well as currently being allowed to visit the temple in the entire state, due to which tourists take advantage of it and go out on the mountain unnecessarily under the pretext of darshan. In view of which the notification has been issued.

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Janmashtami Lokmelo will not be held

Due to the epidemic of Corona, Janmashtami Lokmelo of Shravan Mass will not be held this time. Janmashtami fair is held for 5 days every year. About 100 fairs are organized in Saurashtra during Shravan Mass. In which folk fair lasts for 5 days and private fair lasts for 20 days. In which more than 10 lakh people visit Lokmela. The Lokmelo will not be held this time due to the Corona epidemic.

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