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Sunday, July 5, 2020

A major revelation in the WHO investigation, this is the first time Corona has spread like this in China

China has previously been accused of carrying out the Corona virus epidemic. Now a report has revealed that news of such a virus strain came to China 7 years ago which is considered to be the closest to the current corona virus. According to a report, China withheld information about the corona virus found in 2013.

  • A big revelation about the corona virus
  • A major revelation came in the WHO investigation
  • Corona virus first appeared in China in 2013

According to a report, China found a strain linked to the corona virus in 2013 in a mine with the presence of bats and mice. The virus strain was kept by China in Wuhan's controversial lab until years ago. A few days ago the WHO announced that the team had reported the origin of the virus in China. Knowledge of the virus strain found 7 years ago is considered important in relation to the origin of the corona.

The virus was first detected in 2012

In 2012, six miners were suffering from fever, cough and pneumonia. 3 of them were in critical condition. Corona virus antibodies were found in the bodies of 4 of the people who fell ill, according to the report. But 2 people were killed just before the investigation.

Dr. known as the Bat Woman in China. Shi Zhengli has prepared a paper on the Corona in February. According to a report in the journal, Wuhan's lab contained the RaTG13 virus from Chinese bats, which accounted for 96.2 percent of the corona virus. A colleague of Shi Jangli says that RaTG13 is a sample that was found in the mine in 2013 and the information attached to it has not been made public.

Disclosure before the WHO investigation

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Earlier, US President Donald Trump said in April that he had found evidence that the coronavirus came from China's Wuhan Institute of Virology. China, however, has denied the theory that the virus was leaked from a lab.

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