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Monday, July 6, 2020

After Sia Kakkar, another Tiktok star Sandhya Chauhan committed suicide due to this

Another tick talk star has ended his life due to depression. News of the suicide of tick talk star Sia Kakkar a few days ago has taken everyone by surprise. Sandhya was a student of Delhi University. He is said to be only 18 years of age. Police also did not find a suicide note from Sandhya. Police are currently investigating the case.

  • One more tick star commits suicide
  • Tiktok star named Sandhya commits suicide
  • Shortened life at 18 years old

Like Sia Kakkar, Sandhya was also a victim of depression. She had been depressed for the last 2-3 months and eventually shortened her life. According to sources, Sandhya's body was first seen by her cousin, who then informed the police and the family. Sandhya was admitted to SDS Global Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The family says Sandhya was depressed, but police are investigating the real reason behind her suicide. Police have also seized Sandhya's phone so that she can get some conversations from the phone during the investigation.

Harassed due to Tiktok ban

According to the news, Sandhya was also very upset due to the tick talk ban. In fact, the Indian government has recently banned 59 Chinese apps in India, including Tick Talk. The government has taken this decision in view of the conflict between India and China.

Sia Kakkar also committed suicide

Let me tell you that Sia committed suicide on June 26 at her home. Delhi Police is also investigating his case. In this case, the police are constantly interrogating Sia's relatives, acquaintances and school friends. Police have also questioned Sia Kakkar's manager in this regard. Siano's phone has also been seized. Sia was also a victim of depression.

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