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Friday, July 3, 2020

After Surat, the decision to close the leaf alleys can also be taken in Rajkot

The number of cases of corona virus is increasing day by day.  There have also been repeated appeals by the government to the public to take precautions against Corona.  After Ahmedabad, in view of the increasing cases of Corona virus in Surat, orders have been issued to close leaf gullies in some areas.  However, even in Rajkot, there are ongoing discussions that the streets may be closed if the number of cases increases in the coming days.

 In view of the increasing cases of Corona virus, the Surat Municipal Corporation has instructed to keep the leaf lanes closed in some areas.  According to the announcement, Pangalla shops will be closed for seven days in Katargam, Varachha-A and B zones of Surat.

  However, shops will remain open in other zones in Surat.  But no more than four people can gather here.  It may be mentioned that, in a statement issued in Surat yesterday, the health secretary said that where there are more cases, the leaf gills may be closed.

On the other hand, following Surat, the Rajkot Municipal Commissioner has also announced that if a crowd of people gathers at the tea shop, it will be closed.  As a precautionary measure, the Municipal Corporation can take a decision.

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  Rajkot Mu that there is still a lack of awareness among the people.  Said the commissioner.  Checking will be carried out in the city by Rajkot Corporation.

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