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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Biggest news for Ahmedabadis, if 75% members approve, amc will redevelop old houses

The biggest news for Ahmedabadis has come.  Old houses can be redeveloped, which requires the approval of 75% of the members.  Re-development first required the approval of 100 per cent members.  However, it has now been reduced to 75 per cent.  So the society or construction must be 25 years old.  And construction must be declared unsafe.

Must have the approval of 75 percent of the members

 The government had issued a notification in late December if residents of years-old and dilapidated flats in different parts of Ahmedabad city wanted to demolish it and redevelop it.

 The MunitDO department has now outlined the work to be done to expedite this work. Earlier, re-development required the consent of 100 per cent residents of the society, but now re-development can be done with the consent of 75 per cent members.

The re-development plan will be approved by the muni

 According to the report, a plan has been issued by the muni to expedite the stalled re-development process due to the transition of the corona created after the government issued a notification on the re-development of the old flat.  Consent will be required for redevelopment. Previously, 100% consent was required.

 Consent will be required for redevelopment

 In addition, if the society is more than 25 years old or it should be declared dangerous by the muni. Or competent authority. It is learned that after the necessary guarantee is given,

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 the muni will take action to approve the re-development plan.  And it will be more convenient for the residents to have fire equipment as per the rules of fire safety.

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