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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Cyber Alert / Warning: Didn't you install the Google Chrome extension? Judge before you do, otherwise it will happen that ...

The country's cyber security agency has asked Internet users to be careful when installing the Google Chrome extensi.These links were collecting sensitive information from users.

  • These links were collecting sensitive information from users
  •  Google has removed 106 extension links from the Google Chrome browser
  •  Also advised to uninstall the Google Chrome extension

The cyber agency Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-IN) said on Wednesday that it was also learned that the extension also contained a bypass code to crack the Google Chrome web store security scam. According to CIRT-IN, the suspected extension had the ability to take screenshots, read clipboard, take user keystrokes to read harvest authentication cookies and passwords, and other intelligence.

Google recently removed 106 extension links from the Google Chrome browser. Which is collecting users' confidential information. Introduced this extension as a security scanner tool to convert files of various formats to make web search better.

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The cyber agency has also advised users to uninstall the Google Chrome extension. After going to the Google Chrome page and enabling the development mode, it can see if it has any suspicious extensions installed. It can then delete this from the browser.

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