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Thursday, July 30, 2020

If the ambulance was not found, Corona's patient arrived wearing a PPE kit and riding his bike

If the ambulance was not found, Corona's patient arrived wearing a PPE kit and riding his bike

Serious negligence of the health department has come to light in Budhni of Sihor district of Madhya Pradesh. Here a young man from Hoshangabad district had his corona tested in Budhni and the next day he came positive. The health department called the Kovid Center to take the test report and gave the PPE kit. But if the ambulance did not arrive even after a long wait, the young man wearing a PPE kit rode his bike to the Covid Center.

Video goes viral on social media

The CCTV video of the case is going viral on social media. In the viral video, the young man was identified as P.P.E. He is seen riding a bike wearing a kit. In fact, on Tuesday, a young man living near Hoshangabad district Anandnagar in Budhni of Sehore district may have tested positive. The youth came to Budhni on Sunday giving his sample. And the report of his test came on Tuesday morning.

Called the excuse to take the report

The young man was called in on the pretext of reporting Mercury and was then given a PPE kit to wear. The case has exposed the serious negligence of the health department of the two districts. At first no corona was investigated in Hoshangabad district, then in Budhni in Sihor district the youth was forced to be investigated. When there was no ambulance, Corona's positive young man rode to the Covid Center wearing a PPE kit on his bike.

What did BMO say?

In that case, Ankush Sharma, BMO of Budhni in Sihor district, said that the report of the youth, a resident of Hoshangabad, was positive. Today, the report of three people came positive, one of whom is a resident of Hoshangabad. The sample was kept here, it has been admitted in Panwar Kheda, two people have been admitted in Kovid Center Sihor.


 However, in this case, Hoshangabad District Panchayat CEO Manoj Saream said, "We have sought a full report from the CMHO here. Appropriate action will be taken against the culprits." He told the rules that as soon as a corona comes positive or has symptoms of corona, he is immediately sent to the covid care center by ambulance.

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