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Friday, July 3, 2020

In Surat / Varachha and Katargam area, cases of corona are on the rise.

Apart from Katargam-Varachha zone, other zones will also be closed if there are more than three persons on the leaf litter.

  • Panna Galla will be closed in Katargam, Varachha, Surat
  • Decision of Surat Municipal Commissioner regarding Corona
  • Decided to close the leaf gills for 7 days

Surat. The number of cases is increasing day by day in the city district. As the case is on the rise in Katargam and Varachha zones, the municipality has decided to close the leaf stalls for seven days from July 5. So from today onwards, the streets of Katargam and Varachha area are being closed. While other zones have also been ordered to close leaf alleys in areas where more than four people have gathered.

The notification was issued by the Municipal Commissioner

"All the leaf stalls and leaf shops in all the areas of Surat city are crowded," said Municipal Commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani in a statement. Social distance is not observed by them and masks are not even worn. It has been noticed that they are eating pan-mawa on the road. Due to which the transition of Corona is increasing day by day.

 In order to prevent the transmission of Corona virus in Varachha-A zone, Varachha-B zone and Katargam zone area, all the leaf galls of that area have been ordered to be closed for seven days. In other zones also, more than 4 people are ordered not to crowd in Panna Galla. Public spitting is also banned. This order will take effect from 5 July.

The case of Corona in Surat is increasing day by day. Pan-masala shops in two areas of the city will be closed for 7 days. Corona's case is on the rise and Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi is currently on a visit to Surat.

Yesterday, the frontline health secretary in Surat issued a statement regarding the closure of pan shops. Then today the Municipal Commissioner has taken a decision in this regard.

Surat Municipal Commissioner has taken an important decision regarding the growing case of Corona virus in Surat. In which now the leaf galls will be closed in Katar village of Surat and Varachha. It has been decided to close Pan Galla in both the areas. Leaf stalks will be kept closed for 7 days. So if there are more than 4 people on the streets of Surat city, it will be closed. Crowds have been ordered not to be allowed to accumulate. And the ban on spitting in public remains in place.

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Corona's affliction is increasing day by day in Surat. In Teva, Surat health front secretary Jayanti Ravi visited the Katargam zone yesterday. Regarding the closure of pan-masala shops, he said, "We will close pan-masala shops in the area where the case is on the rise."

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