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Sunday, July 5, 2020

In this scheme of the government, the rupee will double in the same number of days

The most important thing to secure the future is to invest money in the right place. Some people invest in different banks through fixed deposits while some people invest in mutual funds. Now in this scheme, the risk is higher and the profit is lower. To alleviate your tension, we are informing you about the new scheme launched by the government. The second installment of the government's new scheme Bharat Bond ETF will open for subscription on July 14. Through it, the government is planning to raise Rs 14,000 crore.

It is the country's first corporate bond exchange traded fund. The minimum unit is Rs 1,000. Subscriptions for it will close on July 17th. The first series of India Bond ETFs was launched in December 2019. It raised Rs 12,400 crore. The expense ratio for ETFs is also much lower than that of other mutual funds. This is only 0.005 percent. Stability and prediction of returns are its specialty. It has high transparency along with safety. Loas tax makes it more attractive.

Characteristic of India Bond ETF

  • This will invest in any CPSE, CPSU, CPFI or any government bond.
  • Bonds can be trending on the exchange
  • The minimum unit size is Rs.
  • Transparent portfolio (daily details on website)
  • Each ETF will have a fixed maturity date
  • The new series will mature in April 2025 and April 2031

Learn everything about Bharat ETF Bonds

Bharat Bond ETF is a simple fixed income product. Here an average investor can keep your money with complete confidence. Its return is easy to predict. It will not be income tax free but will get the benefit of indexation.

Another one of the India Bond ETFs is going to be released on July 14. It is worth Rs 14,000 crore. The app will close on July 17. It will be managed by Edelweiss Asset Management.

In other words inflation will be adjusted in the return. Retail investors can start investing in the new fund from Rs 1,000. Investors who do not have demat can invest through the Funds of Funds scheme.

Money will be doubled in how many years

Assuming you invest Rs 1 lakh and get a return of 7.58 per cent, your money will increase to Rs 2,07,642 in 10 years. Then you will have to pay Rs 7,836 as tax on it. In that you will get Rs 1,99,806. That is why Expert India Bond ETFs are more profitable in terms of tax in the long run. This is a good option for Conservative debt fund investment cars.

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