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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mathematics of Tick Talk / One in three Indians download this app; More tick talk downloads from Health Bridge in Lockdown

  • Tick ​​Talk has more than 61.1 million downloads in India so far, though the number of active users is 200 million

  • According to Censor Tower, Tick Talk was downloaded 550 million times in the five months from January to May, with more than 160 million downloads in India.

  • Tick ​​Talk received revenue of Rs 25 crore from India in the October-December quarter of 2019, with a revenue target of Rs 100 crore in the July-September quarter this year.

New Delhi. Amid ongoing tensions between Indo-Chinese forces on the Ladakh border, the central government on Monday banned 59 Chinese apps in India. The central government's move has been dubbed a 'digital surgical strike' on social media.

The 59 apps that have been banned include Tick Talk. Tick ​​Talk is the most popular app not only in the country but in the whole world. Tick ​​Talk has been downloaded by over 1.5 billion people worldwide. One third of them are Indians.

One out of every three tick talk downloaders is Indian
According to a report by Censor Tower, which works on mobile app intelligence, Tick Talk has the highest number of Indian users among downloaders. So far, Tick Talk has been downloaded more than 61.1 million times in India. This means that one out of every three users who are downloading Tick Talk is an Indian user.

However, the number of monthly active users of Tick Talk in India is around 200 million. This means that even though it has been downloaded 61.1 million times, only 200 million of them come to Tick Talk at least once a month.

Indians have downloaded more tick talk than people in China. The app has been downloaded about 200 million times in China so far. While in America it has been downloaded more than 160 million times.

India alone accounts for 30.3 per cent of the world's tick talk downloads. Second is China, with 9.7 per cent of total downloads.

Tick ​​tock also benefited from the coronavirus
Between January and March, TickTalk was downloaded more than 31 million times worldwide, according to a report from Censor Tower.

Tick ​​Talk was downloaded about 250 million times from the Google Play Store. While it was downloaded more than 67 million times from Apple's App Store.

Coronavirus is also one of the reasons why tick talk is so popular. According to the censor tower, world governments imposed a lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona. However, before this, people started living in the house to escape from the corona.

The report contains figures from January to March. Tick ​​talk downloads are expected to grow even more when the second quarter figures come out. Because Corona began to spread in March and later there were lockdowns in many countries.

Tick ​​Talk was downloaded more than 55 crore times in 5 months this year
In the five months from January to May this year, Tick Talk was downloaded more than 550 million times. Of these, more than 160 million or 30 per cent downloads took place in India alone.

In January, Tick Talk was downloaded 10.47 crore times worldwide, of which 34.4 per cent were in India. It was later downloaded 113 million times in February, 115 million times in March, 10.7 million times in April and 111 million times in May.

In five months, India was the first country with the highest number of tick talk downloads.

More tick talk downloads from Health Bridge in Lockdown
Tick ​​Talk downloads in India as of April 10 on the Sensor Tower show that Tick Talk was the most downloaded app in India amid the Corona epidemic.

It has data available from March 1 to April 10. It is divided into three parts. The first part was from March 1 to March 11, when there were only a few cases of coronavirus in India. The second part is from March 11 to March 25, when cases of corona began to grow in the country and work from home and social distance began to be observed. The third part is from March 25 to April 10, when the lockdown was given in India.

It had more than 10 million downloads of Tick Talk between March 1 and March 11. While between March 11 and March 25, it was downloaded more than 1.89 crore times. While between March 25 and April 10, it was downloaded more than 14 million times.

Meanwhile, on April 2, the government launched the Health Bridge app. It is currently downloaded by over 130 million people. However, as of April 15, its downloads were only 50 million.

How much does Tick Talk earn from India?
India is the second largest market for tick tock after China. According to a report by digital economy website Antraker, in the October-December quarter of last year, Tick Talk earned revenue of Rs 23-25 ​​crore from India.

Tick ​​Talk had set a target of Rs 100 crore in revenue from India by the July-September quarter this year.

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