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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

News of relief for the 2.28 crore people associated with the Modi government's scheme, the government has changed the rules

The Modi government launched a pension scheme in its first term.  Its name is Atal Pension Scheme.  Now the government has changed one of the rules of the pension scheme.  The new rule will provide relief to more than 2 crore subscribers in the country.

  In fact, the PFRD, the Director of Pensions, has asked the bank to accept any change in the contribution amount of the shareholders of the Atal Pension Scheme at any time during the year and take necessary steps for the same.

Making a pension plan attractive means that you can reduce or increase your pension contribution at any time of the year.  The move is aimed at making the Atal Pension Scheme attractive.  Prior to this, shareholders are only allowed to change the contribution amount in the month of April.

May change the pension plan

 The Pension Fund Director and Development Officer (PFRDA) said that the shareholders of this system will be able to increase / decrease the contribution amount according to their income and capacity.

 This is necessary to maintain a contribution to the scheme for 60 years.  However, the shareholder can change the pension plan only once in the financial year.  About 2.28 crore shareholders are registered under the Atal Pension Scheme.

The minimum contribution amount is Rs

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 The Atal Pension Scheme was launched in May 2015.  The scheme is open to all citizens of the country from 18 to 40 years.  Under this scheme, the shareholders are guaranteed a pension ranging from Rs. 1 thousand to Rs. 5 thousand per month on reaching 60 years of age.  At present the minimum contribution to the scheme is Rs.

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