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Friday, July 3, 2020

One more big decision of India to teach a lesson to China, now ban on this thing

The Indian government is now ready to support China's move not only on the border but on every front.  Important steps in this direction will now stop the import of all electrical appliances from China.  Union Minister RK Singh has made a big statement.

  • India ready to defeat China on all fronts
  •  Will impose a rock on the rectangle of electrical appliances

 On Friday, during a meeting with the power and renewable energy ministers of the states, RK Singh made it clear that imports of electrical appliances from China and Pakistan would not be allowed.  Let me tell you that in the past, the government had decided that a thorough inspection of electrical appliances coming from China to India would be carried out.

 Conspiracies to harm the economy can be hatched

Because there are fears that China could launch a cyber attack on this power device with viruses such as malware and Trojan horses.  With their help, he could conspire to disrupt India's electricity grid and hurt the economy.

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 What will happen now-

 The Union Minister said that India was producing enough electrical appliances.  No need to bring any goods from outside.  If there is a tool that we do not make, it can be imported.  But it will also be for a limited time.

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