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Monday, July 6, 2020

Pan, Mawa, Tea Shop, Lari-Galla will continue in Rajkot district, people are obliged to carry goods: Collector slaps

Rajkot District Collector Ramya Mohan had announced in the morning that tea, pan-mawa galla and shops in Rajkot district would be closed for one breath from tomorrow as the number of coro positive patients in the rural areas of Rajkot district is increasing alarmingly day by day.  There have been no announcements to have tea shops and stalls.  The matter has become highly controversial as the Collector reversed my decision in just a matter of hours.

 Rajkot District Collector Ramya Mohan has said in his manifesto that customers will have to carry goods in pan-mawa, tea shops, streets and snack lorries.  Such businesses can be continued in a way that adheres to social distance.

 The news that shops in Rajkot district will also be open from 9 am to 4 pm and its announcement will be published by noon went viral on social media in the morning.  In this regard, the District Collector has said in his notification that the Incident Commander will be able to regulate the timing of other shops and economic activities keeping in view the local situation in consultation with the local self-governing body and business associations.

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 Pan Faki's shops are all gone.  After the news went viral on social media in the morning, there was an atmosphere of panic among the prisoners and in the pouring rain, all the addicts had to stock up.  But in the afternoon the collector officially issued a notification clarifying the situation and the atmosphere of panic has automatically calmed down.

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