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Sunday, July 5, 2020

President Donald Trump's eldest son infected with Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend Corona, rushed to the President's convoy

Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Corona is infected with the eldest son of US President Donald Trump.  The former television personality Kimberly was part of President Trump's election campaign.  Kiroly Guilfoy, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., the son of Nald Trump, reported positively to Corona.  Kimberly plays a key role in President Trump's election campaign.

Former Television Personality Kimberly Part of President Trump's Election Campaign

 Kimberly, 51, and Donald Jr., 42, have been in a relationship since 2018.  Kimberly is a family friend of the Trump family and also has a close friendship with Ivanka Trump.  Kimberly was a television celebrity.

  She was a presenter on Fox News Television.  She arrived in South Dakota with Donald Trump Jr. to deliver a speech to the President of the United States on founding day. 

He was diagnosed with fever during a routine checkup.  After that it was tested and the report was positive.  Kimberly's report came as a shock to the President's convoy.

 Kimberly's report came as a shock to the President's convoy

 Kimberly was immediately isolated.  There was speculation as to whether he had come in contact with the president.  The chief of staff then clarified that Donald Trump Jr.'s report was negative,

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 though the two's upcoming programs with President Trump have been canceled due to security concerns.  However, it was not immediately clear if Kimberly was in close contact with President Trump.

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