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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rafal will slap Pakistan without crossing the border, attack in POK will be a left handed game

Rafal will slap Pakistan without crossing the border, attack in POK will be a left handed game

Rafale has flown from the UAE. Which will soon reach Ambala. A new history is being made for India today. Defense expert Anil Chopra said that the F-16 that Pakistan has is an old model, the F-16 has undergone many improvements since then. So the F-16 should be forgotten against Raphael. China has 5-6 J-20 aircraft but now they are understanding about it, but J-20 is not ready for any operation for the next 5-6 years.

 While Raphael has taken part in 5 major battles in 20 years. It has called for the elimination of enemies in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. Raphael is only coming forward after a full combat experience. Raphael's specialty is that he is ready from day one. No one has the radar that Raphael has. It is equipped with very modern electronics equipment. It can carry a 9.5 ton weapon, while the MiG did not have this technology. China's SU-30 does not have this capability either. Its engine is also strong while the Chinese fighter plane is struggling a lot. Raphael is even more advanced in technology than the Mirage we have.

Raphael important to the Air Force

Anil Chopra said his entire infrastructure is already ready, the weapons have arrived. Raphael will be greeted with a salute of water. Air Chief Marshal himself has gone to receive Rafal. All of this shows how important this ship is to the Air Force. For this, a little care has been taken which is necessary. India needs to be careful.

Defense expert Anil Chopra said, "Rafale is a ship that neither China nor Pakistan has such a fighter plane." This will prove to be a game changer. The capacity of the Indian Air Force is going to increase a lot. This is a big deal for the country. There are so many ships that not a single aircraft in the country is capable of doing the kind of mission Raphael could succeed in. Raphael can do all kinds of missions, his pilots are in trend. The pilots have also seen the entire operation and the airbase is ready.


The Rafale, which will be equipped with a hammer missile, means a new generation in the aircraft in different ways. The Raphael is said to be a 4.5 generation aircraft, but it makes no particular difference in combat. Raphael can even strike at it without being seen, it has a hammer missile coming in, which will increase its power.


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