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Friday, July 3, 2020

Rajkot Municipal Corporation has paid rent of Rs 2.50 crore for the containment zone.

In Rajkot, shocking figures have come out of the cost behind Corona. Rajkot Municipal Corporation has spent Rs 3 crore on Koro. Manpah was taken aback by the opposition over the cost behind the core.

  • Out of the total expenditure of Rs 3 crore, only Rs 30 lakh was spent on health
  • Out of Rs 3 crore, only Rs 2.5 crore was paid as rent
  • In Rajkot, leaves were planted only in Jungleshwar area

Out of Rs 3 crore, only Rs 30 lakh was spent on health. Out of Rs 3 crore, Rs 2.50 crore has been paid as rent. The Opposition had raised a number of questions when it was alleged that Rs 2.50 crore had been spent on barricades, pavilions and pavilions. In Rajkot, only Jungleshwar was planted. It costs crores to plant a few leaves? All goods can be purchased for Rs 2.50 crore rather than paying rent.

Burning question

  • Why the clumsy administration of RMC in Corona epidemic?
  • Only Rs 30 lakh spent on health during Corona epidemic?
  • Did drugs, other materials come at a cost of only Rs 30 lakh?
  • How to raise Rs 2.5 crore?
  • How was 2.5 crore spent if only a few leaves were planted?
  • Was Rajkot Municipal Corporation producing gold plated leaves?
  • Will Rajkot Municipal Corporation respond to this issue?

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