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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Rajkot: A youth kicked a temple idol for making TikTok, two people were arrested

Two youths from Rajkot have smashed temple idols to make TikTok videos.  The two youths have been arrested on charges of insulting Hindu beliefs.  According to information, a statue of Nandi was kicked and smashed in a Shiva temple near Sarvodaya Society in Shapar-Veraval, Rajkot.  Later Shiva also tried to damage the entrance of Ling's sanctum sanctorum.

In a viral video on social media you can see a young man wearing a hat and glasses entering the temple wearing slippers.  After smoking a cigarette, he first breaks the statue of Nandi and then starts kicking the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum of the idol of Shiva.

 He has posted his video on TikTok under the name of Kalam Ka Badshah.  This video has been uploaded with an ID named @ jayu_57.  After watching the video, many people were hurt by religious sentiments and they lodged a police complaint and demanded action

 A complaint was also lodged against the youth at Shapar police station by some Hindu organizations.  The young man seen in the video has reportedly been arrested.  In addition, a young man who recorded the video has also been arrested.  The accused have been identified as Jayesh Chudasama (27) and Dinesh Mahida (25).

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 The police took swift action and arrested the youth and interrogated him very strictly.  The idol was then kicked and smashed by Jayesh, repaired and restored to its original place and Jayesh was also asked to apologize to Lord Shiva.  The video of Jayesh apologizing then went viral on social media.

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