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Monday, July 27, 2020

Russia's big decision amid Indo-China border dispute, abruptly canceled this big deal with Dragon

Russia's big decision amid Indo-China border dispute, abruptly canceled this big deal with Dragon

China, which has been criticized around the world for the Corona virus, has now been dealt a major blow. Russia has canceled delivery of S400 missiles to China. However, the interesting thing is that when the deal was canceled, the Chinese media presented it differently and forced Russia.

  • Russia's big decision amid the Koro crisis
  • The quantity of S400 missiles not sent to China

According to a report by the news agency ANI, the Russian media agency UAYR said that Russia has announced that it has stopped handing over the S400 missile system to China at the current stage.

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Chinese media called it compulsion

After Russia canceled the delivery of the missiles, the Chinese newspaper Soho, responding on behalf of China, wrote that Russia was forced to take the step because it did not want the Chinese Communist Party to be distracted by the Corona virus.

Russia made the disclosure

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The newspaper also said that the process is quite complicated, that Russia will have to send a large number of its technical personnel to Beijing and that this is a very difficult task in the Corona era.

Russia's big decision

Russia has canceled the deal at a time when Moscow has recently been accused of spying for Beijing. Russian authorities have accused Valerie Mitko, president of the St. Petersburg Arctic Academy of Social Sciences, of handing over secret material to China and have arrested her.

What is S400 Missile Defense System

It can call for the destruction of any aircraft or weapon within a radius of 400 kilometers. China had an agreement between Russia and China on its purchase in 2014.

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India and China are also embroiled in a border dispute

It may be mentioned that there is a border dispute between India and China. India banned 59 Chinese apps after the incident and today again banned another 47 applications.

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