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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Singer caught with quantity of marijuana on Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway

16,254 grams of cannabis were seized

 • Police seized Rs 5 lakh including car, mobile
 • Corona started smuggling marijuana when the diarrhea program was closed

Rajkot: Rajkot SOG Police has achieved great success.  In which the singer-artist is speeded up with a quantity of marijuana.  In a police interrogation, the artist confessed that he had tried his hand at marijuana smuggling after the programs were shut down following a lockdown.

 According to the details received, Rajkot SOG PSI Asari and his team had set up a watch on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway between Maliyasan Chokdi and Sokhada Chokdi based on the information received.

 Meanwhile, a search of a passing car turned up 16.25 kilograms.  When the police quickly questioned the driver, he said his name was Manishdan Badani (Gadhvi) and he was a singer in Dyara.

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Currently, the police have seized more than Rs 5 lakh from the accused, including more than Rs 97,000 worth of cannabis, i20 cars and mobiles.

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