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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tension bolero in rushing water in Rajkot, 2 rescued, 1 missing

In rural areas, river-ditches overflowed due to continuous rains

 In another incident, a young man drowned and was rescued by the fire brigade

Rajkot: The city has witnessed incidents of drowning at various places amid rains for two consecutive days.  In which a video of a Bolero car sinking in the Kotharia area of ​​Rajkot has come to light.  A Bolero car parked on a pool on Lapsari Road from Ranunja temple plunged into a stream of water and three persons drowned in the rushing stream of water.  However, two persons have been rescued in the incident and search for another is underway.  On the other hand, there is also an incident of Aji river.

 The two persons rescued by the locals are Bhavesh Rathore and Prakashbhai Chavda.  The search for a man named Bhikhabhai is currently underway with the help of fire brigade team and staff of Ajidem police station.

Locals demand railings around the bridge

 Due to the manner in which the rains have fallen in the rural areas of Rajkot, the river-ditches have overflowed and due to the same, Khokhardhaj as well as Aji river started flooding.  In this incident, water was flowing from the sitting bridge in Kotharia area towards Khokhardhaj.

 Even before the incident, locals have demanded that railings be erected around the bridge and that the bridge be repaired.  Residents of Rajkot Municipal Corporation have raised the issue several times in this regard.  Yet for some reason no railings have yet been erected around the bridge here by the corporation.

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 Apart from this incident, on the other hand, the incident of Aji river in Rajkot has also come to light.  In the incident where a young man drowned near Ramnath Para temple.  The fire brigade rescued the young man and shifted him to a civil hospital for treatment.

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