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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The world's first corona vaccine, Russia claims, will arrive by August 10

 The world's first corona vaccine, Russia claims, will arrive by August 10

The good news has come from Russia. Russian scientists claim they can approve the first vaccine against the corona virus by mid-August. That is, Russia will launch a vaccine against the corona virus in the next two weeks. Russian officials and scientists told a private channel that they are working on approving the vaccine on or before August 10.

Has become in the organization of Moscow

The vaccine was developed at the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow. Scientists at the Gamalea Institute claim that they can approve the vaccine for general use by August 10. But first it will be given to frontline health workers. "This is a historic opportunity," said Kirill Mitriev, president of Russia's Sovereign Wealth Fund. Like we launched the first satellite Sputnik into space. This is the only opportunity. Just as the American people were shocked to hear about Sputnik, so too will they be shocked again when this vaccine is launched.

No data has been released about the trial

However Russia has not yet released any data on the trial of the vaccine. Because of this, its effectiveness cannot be commented on. Some are also criticizing that there is political pressure to bring the vaccine to market soon. Apart from this, questions are also being raised on the incomplete human trial of the vaccine.In some countries, the vaccine trial is in its third phase, while the Russian vaccine has yet to complete its second phase. The vaccine developer plans to complete this phase by August 3. After this, the third phase of testing will begin. Russian scientists say the vaccine was developed quickly because it is already capable of fighting other such diseases. Many other countries and companies have similar thinking.


Vaccinated by Russian soldiers

Russia's Defense Ministry says Russian soldiers have volunteered for human trials. It is claimed that the vaccine was administered by Alexander Ginsberg, the project's director. Officials say that due to the global epidemic and the growing cholera crisis in Russia, work is in full swing to approve the drug. More than 82 lakh cases have been reported in the country so far.

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