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Thursday, July 23, 2020

This application will alert you whether there will be lightning or not

This application will alert you whether there will be lightning or not

Alerts will be issued on your mobile application just before a lightning strike occurs. Alerts will be issued 30-40 minutes before lightning. As well as the way of defense will be shown with it. This will allow farmers and pedestrians living in the open outside their homes to find a safe place. The application has been developed by scientists at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, on the instructions of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, in view of the number of deaths due to lightning.

People are downloading
Now that the application is ready, the people of the Rural Development and Agriculture Department have started a campaign to download the application in their mobiles. More than three thousand downloads have been made so far.

Labor and farmers will be affected
Farmers, laborers and pedestrians are most affected by the lightning strikes. These people living in houses and shops during the rainy season will be relatively safe. Farm workers and travelers are unaware that normal rainfall is expected or that there is a risk of strong lightning. Lightning strikes and thunderstorms are more likely to occur during thunderstorms.

Will help people
Damini's application, developed by scientists, will help people to get thunderbolts. The app will alert people before a thunderstorm or thunderstorm is expected. This application is expensive. Anyone can download this expensive application by going to the Playstore of their mobile. After that you have to register by giving your name, mobile number, location and information of businessmen. So far more than three thousand people in the district have downloaded this application. The department has also launched an awareness campaign for this.


Weather alerts will benefit
Damini's application mobile will receive an alert message in case of a possible thunderstorm. This will make it easier to reach a safe place. This is more beneficial for farmers, laborers and pedestrians. We are campaigning to download this application.

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