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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Video of grandfather of Rajkot youth goes viral, says, 'CM Rupani is my aunt'

Video of grandfather of Rajkot youth goes viral, says, 'CM Rupani is my aunt'

  • I hit a young woman on a bicycle with her car
  •  A person by the name of 'Parth' used a wrong name and made a grandfather against the girl
  •  Detention of a person within hours of the count following an order from the CM's office

 Rajkot: A video of a young man's grandfather has gone viral in the city.  In which the young man is cursing a woman and doing grandfathering.  In the video, the young man is seen shouting, "CM is my uncle."  The video of the young man's grandfather has been circulating on social media.  According to the information received, the youth hit a young woman on a bicycle with a car.  The driver of the car later identified himself as CM and his grandfather went viral

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Instead of apologizing to the girl, the opposite grandfather

 At 6 am on Saturday, a young woman was cycling on Nirmala Road when a black car crashed into her.  The girl was hit by a bicycle and fell on the road.  However, instead of apologizing, the driver started hurling insults at the girl and started cursing her.  So someone present there captured the incident on camera.

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 However, while downloading the video from the mobile, the driver said,

 ‘My name is Parth Jasani.  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is my uncle and police officers are my father's friends, my father is an advocate and a bank director.  He threatened the girl saying that he would file a complaint and get her fit for the crime.

 The Commissioner of Police was instructed by the Chief Minister's Office

 However those present at the scene tried to calm the driver down but he became more agitated.  He also forced the girl to apologize.  However, taking the name of CM has had dark repercussions.  The CM's office has also taken serious note of the matter.

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The Chief Minister's Office had instructed the Commissioner of Police that it was not appropriate for such an incident to take place in the city and for the Chief Minister's name to be misrepresented.  Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal took the incident seriously and launched a search for the person seen in the video.


However, police arrested Parth Jasani, a resident of Nirmala Road, within hours of the count.  The police quickly picked up the medical student who had defamed the CM and reprimanded him.

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