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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Why don't people like these apps after the launch of Jio Chat and Jio Meet

Bollywood movies, TV shows, songs and now the app has always given us the opportunity to copy ideas and present them.  Exactly the same thing happened when Reliance Jio released JioMeet and JioChat.  Reliance Jio proves to the people that the two apps are similar in their respective competition, with no effort in trying to differentiate, innovate or have any originality.

  • People don't like geo chat
  •  Copy of Geo Mitt Zoom
  •  Geo Mit created to support Indian apps

Some users have given their feedback and said that they feel that the company is only interested in copying.  A similar application has been put up against the Chinese application.  Not only is it a direct copy of WhatsApp with the same color, but there is also no mention of privacy, user data or the security of their messages.  There is no personal security of users' data, so JioChat is not a good option for people to switch.

Geo Chat on the other hand has been copied in the same way, Geo Chat has been created to replace the zoom call but it has directly copied the zoom from the color to the option.

These apps can be tried for a new feel.  When it comes to Chinese apps, Geo has tried to prevent people from remembering the same Chinese apps through the Indian app.

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Geo Chat also crashes and is not the right option to use, just copying makes any app or movie very unlikely to run.  The company will have to create its own unique and creative application and provide more safety and features than the Chinese app so that users do not turn back to the Chinese app again.

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