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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Another Chinese ploy after Koro: sending such parcels to India, central government tells all states to be vigilant

 Another Chinese ploy after Koro: sending such parcels to India, central government tells all states to be vigilant

The Center has asked the states, industry and allied institutions to be vigilant about suspicious seed parcels. It can contain seeds in such a way that giving can be a threat to biodiversity. The Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement that thousands of parcels of such suspicious seeds have been sent to some countries of the world in the last few months, with the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Japan and some European countries facing similar incidents. These parcels are being sent from unknown sources. It is being labeled as misleading.

Advice to be wary of suspicious parcels

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has called it a "brushing scam" and "agricultural smuggling," the ministry said. That is to say, seeds in a suspicious parcel that may contain pathogens. Which can pose a serious threat to the environment, agriculture and national security.

 Thus seed parcels are a threat to the country's biodiversity. Therefore, the Department of Agriculture and State Agricultural Universities, Seed Association, State Seed Certification Agency, Seed Corporations and the Council of Agricultural Research of India and its institutions have been advised to beware of these suspicious parcels.

Need to be extra vigilant

"We are already battling the Kovid-19 epidemic that started in China," an agriculture ministry official said. Now if an epidemic comes through these others then it will be difficult to handle. We need to be more vigilant.


 Commenting on the agriculture ministry's order, Ram Kaudinya, director general of the Federation of Seed Industry in India, said, "This is just an alert as plant diseases can be spread through others." It is not right to call it seed terrorism. Because there are limits to the spread of disease through seeds. But there is a risk. "Seeds coming through such parcels are dangerous," he said. Which can be dangerous for native trees of India.

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