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Saturday, August 1, 2020

As soon as Tik Tok may return in India, a big contract with Microsoft

As soon as Tik Tok may return in India, a big contract with Microsoft

When tick talk was banned in India, many young men and women were so obsessed with tick talk that they still can't forget tick talk.  However, there is good news for them right now.

After India, there was to be a tick tock in America as well.  But the company is on its knees in front of America.  Tick ​​talk will no longer be banned in America.  After America, Tik Tok is ready to return to India soon.  Let us know how .......

 Tick ​​tock now happened to Microsoft

 First of all let me tell you, the tick talk is now Microsoft's.  That means Microsoft will now handle Tiktok's business in the US.  And Tick Talk users data will be stored on Microsoft's servers.  Microsoft will be solely responsible for the data of US tick talk users.  Microsoft could buy TickTock for પાંચ 5 billion, according to the report.

 Currently handling business in the US

 Initially Microsoft will only handle Tiktok in US business.  However, it is likely that it will be handed over to Microsoft in the Indian market.  If this happens, tick tock may come to India once again.  Because the Chinese government was afraid of losing users' data, however, there could be some relief with Microsoft.

 Microsoft's image in India is good


 There has never been a controversy over any of Microsoft's apps so far. After this deal with Tick Talk, Microsoft can return Tick Talk to India on its own.  If Tick Talk returns, the Indian video app could run into trouble.

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