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Friday, August 7, 2020

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League after IPL 2020, out of the title sponsor of this TV show

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League after IPL 2020, out of the title sponsor of this TV show

Chinese smart phone maker Vivo has decided to split from two more title sponsorships after it withdrew from the IPL 2020 title sponsorship. It is believed that Vivo has now withdrawn from the title sponsorship of Pro Kabaddi Leah and television show Big Boss.

60 crore to Pro Kabaddi League every year

Vivo was paying Rs 60 crore every year for pro kabaddi and Rs 30 crore for each season on the television show Big Boss. According to sources, the decision has been taken by the company's management due to tensions between India and China. Don’t spend too much on branding and promotion this year. The company's focus will be on selling products through retail discounts. It is planning to move forward with this strategy until the situation between the two countries returns to normal.

Also out of the title sponsorship of the Pro Kabaddi League

Speaking of Vivo's Pro Kabaddi League title sponsorship, in 2017 it signed a five-year deal with Star India for Rs 300 crore. The Kabaddi League has been canceled in 2020 due to the Corona epidemic. Tevama was approached for the termination of the company's Star India deal.

Vivo spends over Rs 1000 crore on promotions every year

Vivo has signed a Rs 60 crore sponsorship deal for two years in 2019 with the upcoming Big Boss show on Colors Channel. The company had struck a mega deal worth Rs 2,190 crore with the BCCI. Every year, it spends Rs 1,000 crore on branding and promotion. Of this, Rs 440 crore was spent on BCCI and Rs 120-150 crore during IPL matches.

Vivo out of IPL this season

This year's IPL-13 is being held outside India in the UAE in September. A joint statement issued by the BCCI and Vivo on Thursday said the two had decided to end the partnership in 2020.

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