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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

4.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Kutch, epicenter near Dudhai


4.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Kutch, epicenter near Dudhai

Kutch: An earthquake jolted Bhuj on Wednesday.  According to the details received, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake was recorded near Dudhai in Bhachau taluka at 2 hours and 9 minutes on Wednesday afternoon.  The epicenter was reported below the Dudhai plateau, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

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 After the catastrophic earthquake of 2001, the land of Kutch is frequently shaken.  Due to which earthquakes are recorded from time to time.  But when the magnitude of an earthquake on the Richter scale is above 4, this earthquake can be felt.

 According to the Gujarat Seismology Department, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake 7 km north-east of Dudhai at 2 hours and 9 minutes on Wednesday afternoon.  Its depth is 30.5 kilometers.  In the afternoon, following the sudden earthquake, many people felt the shock of the earthquake and there was an atmosphere of fear.  There were no immediate reports of injuries or severe damage.

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 4.1 magnitude earthquake near Dudhai

 August 3 - A magnitude 3.3 earthquake shakes Bharuch

 Bharuch: A magnitude 3.3 earthquake shook Bharuch on Monday.  So people rushed out of the house.  The epicenter was reported at 7 km from Bharuch.

 June 15 - Fear among people living in a high-rise building in Kutch


 Kutch, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2001, has been in a state of panic since Sunday.  Residents living in buildings in Bhuj are fearful of the quake.  Residents of high-rise buildings in different parts of the city are saying that on the one hand, they are afraid of the Corona epidemic, on the other hand, they are afraid of earthquakes.

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