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Saturday, September 26, 2020

69th Mann Ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi did important thing, remembered Bapu and Bhagat Singh

69th Mann Ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi did important thing, remembered Bapu and Bhagat Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation in the 69th episode of his radio program Mann ki Baat on Sunday. It is being broadcast on All India Radio, Doordarshan and Narendra Modi app at 11 am today.

Emphasis placed on social distance

In his address, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people to follow the rules of social disturbance in the Corona era. Speaking at the Mann Ki Baat program, the Prime Minister said that a distance of 2 yards is required during the Koro period. The Prime Minister said that the whole world was undergoing a series of changes during the Corona era. 

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Today a distance of 2 yards has become inevitable. So this corona has also worked to bring family members closer together and closer together. We have realized how important the legacies made by the ancestors of this are and how much of them behave when they are not.

The tradition of our stories

The Prime Minister said, "India has a rich tradition of telling stories, hearing stories. We have a narrative tradition there. This is an ancient tradition of telling religious stories. He further said that in every family there was an elder or someone telling stories and giving new inspiration to the house. The new energy was enough. Stories bring out the creative and sensitive aspects of people. Exposes it. If you want to experience the power of story-telling, when someone tells a story to nurse or freeze their child.

The foundation of a strong farmer self-reliant India

PM Modi said that the agricultural sector has shown its strength in the Corona era. The stronger the farmers, the villages, the more self-reliant the country will be. He said that only with the strength of farmers can the foundations of a self-reliant India be laid. India can become self-sufficient only if the farmer is strong. We are told there that the person who is attached to the ground as much as he can can withstand the biggest storms.

 Our agricultural sector, our farmers are a living example of this in these difficult times in Corona. Today the farmer has the freedom to sell his produce at will. Over the last few years the sector has liberated itself from many boundaries. Tried to break many myths.

Talk about a farmer from Haryana

Sharing the case of a farmer from Haryana, Prime Minister Modi said, “A farmer from Haryana told how there was a time when he had trouble selling fruits and vegetables outside the congregation. But, in 2014, fruits and vegetables were excluded from the APMC Act which benefited many farmers in the area around them.

Remembering Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Remembering Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Prime Minister Modi said that Bhagat Singh's passion should be in our hearts. Bhagat Singh has made a great contribution to the independence of the country. I bow to Shaheed Veer Bhagat Singh. The 23-year-old was feared by the British government. Tomorrow, on December 28, we will celebrate the birth anniversary of martyr Veer Bhagat Singh. I, along with the entire countrymen, pay homage to Shaheed Veer Bhagat Singh, the epitome of adventure and heroism.

October 2 Motivational and Holy Day

Prime Minister Modi also remembered Mahatma Gandhi in the Mann Ki Baat program. He said that Gandhiji's idea is more relevant today. October 2 is a motivating and holy day for us.


PM Modi tweeted

The Mann Ki Baat program will be streamed live on All India Radio, DD News, PMO and the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. In the last Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi called on startups in the country to come together to set up a manufacturing center for toys in India.

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