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Friday, September 25, 2020

Bihar Assembly polls announced, polls to be held on this date: Nitish and Tejaswi's future will decide polls


Big news: Bihar Assembly polls announced, polls to be held on this date: Nitish and Tejaswi's future will decide polls

The election battle has begun in Bihar. This is the first assembly election to be held in the country during the Koro crisis. The Election Commission has then announced the polling for the Bihar Assembly elections in three phases. Voting for the first phase will take place on October 28, for the second phase on November 3 and for the third phase on November 7. So the vote will be counted on November 10th. 

Voting can take place in this election from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Elections will be held in three phases in Bihar. In the first phase, polling will be held in 71 seats of 16 districts, in the second phase in 94 seats of 17 districts and in the third phase in 78 seats of 15 districts.

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There is a big news about the upcoming Bihar elections (Bihar Assembly elections 2020). The Election Commission has announced the dates for the Bihar Assembly elections. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Not only that, the partner party of Nitish Kumar's government had written a letter to the Election Commission in July requesting to postpone the elections. The party said it would not be safe to hold such a large-scale election amid fears of a corona infection.

  • Elections will be held in Bihar for a total of 243 seats
  • Increased the number of polling stations and manpower
  • More than seven crore voters will cast their votes

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  • There will be only one thousand voters at this booth

  • 6 lakh PPE kits will be given to the State Election Commission
  • 46 lakh masks will be used
  • Seven and a half lakh hand sanitizers will be used
  • 6 lakh face shields will be used

Politics for LJP seats

Currently, political leaders are changing the benches in Bihar politics. During the RLSP's emergency meeting in Patna on Thursday, Upendra Kushwaha said in his address that we have been and will continue to be with full strength, but by standing behind the leadership that RJD (Tejaswi Prasad Yadav) has put forward. It is not possible to make changes in the state. Even in the NDA, politics is going on for LJP seats.

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 BJP does not want to give more than 25 seats to LJP. Nitish Manjhi has been brought back to the NDA for the Dalit vote as the JDU and LJP cannot stand. As soon as the Bihar elections are announced today, the big upheaval will start again. Nitish Kumar has always been dominant in Bihar. In which they have always been successful. The government can take advantage of the anti-government atmosphere in this election.

The matter of meetings is not very important

"Even today, the issue of seats is not very important to us, but the people of Bihar want the leadership to be able to stand up properly against Nitish Kumar," he said. There was so much desire and expectation. I will persuade my people if RJD still changes its leadership.

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The RJD has taken a unilateral decision and announced Lalu Prasad, the political successor of the Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly and party president, as Tejaswi Yadav as the grand alliance's chief ministerial candidate in the upcoming Bihar Assembly elections.


Reject the tendency to make unilateral decisions

At the RLSP meeting, party leaders rejected the RJD’s tendency to take its unilateral decision and blamed it for bringing the grand coalition to the brink of disintegration. According to party sources, the RLSP leader is in constant touch with the JDU. The RLSP's exit from the Grand Alliance and return to the NDA has become a formality.

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