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Monday, September 28, 2020

DG rank police officer fired for flirting with wife,

Blinded by horizontal relationship: DG rank police officer fired for flirting with wife, video goes viral - wife suspected for 12 years, CCTV cameras installed in house

  • The Bhopal police officer went to the house of a female friend, where his wife grabbed him by the arm and got into a quarrel.
  • Marzood's video goes viral on social media by Sharma's son, sent to Home Minister, DGP, CS

A DG-level police officer in Bhopal has been accused of brutally assaulting his wife. Marzud's video has gone viral on social media, with officers seen marauding his wife badly. Two people working at the spot are also present. This video belongs to the house of Special DG Police Officer Purushottam Sharma. 

His son has sent the video to the Home Minister, DGP, Chief Secretary and other senior officials. The son has also demanded strict action against the father, Sharma said, "I am a monster, so my wife should complain." This is the first time I have been accused of this. She has fallen behind me

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Purushottam has been removed from the post after the incident, his transfer from the Director of Public Proceedings to the DG Home Department Ministry. So the matter has reached the state women's commission. Chairman Shobha Ojha said that we will give notice to the DG. Bhaskar did not pick up the phone and did not reply to any message if he tried to speak to Purushottam's son and wife in the matter.

Home Minister Narottam Mishra said, "I have read about this in the newspapers and watched the video." No complaints received at present. 

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Purushottam clarified about Marzood, saying that she has been a suspect for 12 years. The case also did. CCTV cameras were installed in every corner of the house. I didn't mess up. I have defended myself. He can complain if he wants. This is his fundamental right. It interferes with my personal life. It has made my life difficult. He came into the room and attacked me. That is why I have defended myself. The bus has been pushed.

Two videos go viral

The first video is 7.13 minutes long. Purushottam reached the house of a female friend in Trilanga on Sunday morning. His wife Priya also reached behind.

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Priya: Flat bell rings. The door opens and Purushottam is seen sitting on the sofa

Priya: What are you doing here? This is the real look

Priya: (Officer gets up and starts walking) Let's talk to Beso, why are you upset?

Purushottam: (to another woman) This is my wife. Is chasing me. I also have a life of my own.

Priya: Says another woman, I have no complaints with you. My show right on Tara. This is my husband.

Purushottam: I have come to meet you. Have I done anything wrong to you? If so you complain. If not, you (wife) do. But don't chase me like that. This is my life.

Priya: Today I grabbed you by the arm (the officer keeps going out shouting)

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Priya to another woman: Where did you people sleep? Another woman: No, no, they were just sitting here. I felt my work bell ringing. Priya: Sir, why did you come to meet me alone. Show me your bedroom. Priya: He is pure, this is the prince of your dreams. Another woman: What's not to like, Priya? What haven't I done for this man? Priya to another woman: How long has this been going on? All this other woman: There's nothing like that. Another woman: (calling the officer) - Sir, you should have talked, why are you leaving like this. Priya: What are you saying on the phone? Another woman: She is saying that I don't get along with her. Priya: In a sad voice ... what difference does it make?

Another video

This is 4.47 minutes. This is the officer's home. In which he is having an affair with his wife. Purushottam had returned to his home from a female friend's house. His wife Priya also reached behind. Purushottam was in the room of the house. His wife reached the room. Then there was a quarrel between the two.

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Purushottam: The room is mine. That is my boundary. I'm saying again. The room is mine.

Priya- I will come

The officer then knocks the wife out of the room on the ground. Then 8-10 punches hit in the face. In the meantime employees try to save.

Purushottam: The ball is hitting me, the scissors.

Priya: Call the police .. shouldn't I defend myself. No knife, scissors are mine. If I kill again I will kill ..

Priya asks her husband to show you where he was beaten.

Purushottam: Pushes Priya hard so that her head hits the wall. Sally killed the scissors ..

Purushottam: If I have so many scissors, I have reached somewhere.

Priya: Now, kill me, I want to die

Harassment cases were also reported in 2009

There has been a long running feud between Purushottam and Priya. In 2009, Priya filed a harassment case against DG.

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Why did the officer quarrel with his wife

According to information received, the officer went to the house of one of his female friends, where his wife suddenly arrived. She grabbed her husband by the arm. Then when the wife reached home in the afternoon, Sharma mingled with her. Threatened him not to intervene in his personal affairs. 

Marzood's video was captured on a CCTV camera in his home. When the son found out about the incident, he sent a video of the incident to senior officials. The first video is 7.13 minutes long and the second is 4.47 minutes long.


The police department is silent, no one is ready to speak

Even police officials are not ready to comment on the matter. However, it needs to be confirmed that the person in the video who is having an affair with the woman is Special DG Purushottam Sharma. Officials say police will take action after receiving the complaint.

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