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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Corona claims more than 700 deaths in Rajkot, but not even 100 in government books

 Corona claims more than 700 deaths in Rajkot, but not even 100 in government books

In Rajkot, there is a big discrepancy between the official death toll of Corona and the figures available on the ground report.

According to media reports, the number of deaths of corona positive patients in Rajkot is not as high as shown in government figures. Surprising reports are coming from the local media in Rajkot, which is constantly keeping a close eye on the hospital to the crematorium.

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Two corpses have to be carried in a hearse

It has been found that in a hearse carrying 1 corpse, two corpses have to be carried together. According to the report, the driver of the hearse said that since morning he has made 6 rounds from the hospital to the cemetery and each round brings two corpses. The government seems to have exploded in the face of this shocking revelation.

On the other hand, a large crowd was seen at Ramnathpara cemetery. An employee said the cremation furnace is constantly on fire. Bodies have been coming in continuously for the last 20 days so there is no time for bed and work continues 24 hours a day. It takes one and a half to three hours for a complete cremation of a corpse. Due to the overload of this work, the motor also stopped once it overheated.

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Most corpses come at night

The most surprising thing is that most of the corpses are brought at night. The cause is still a mystery but funerals are held from 7pm to 7am from 9pm to 7am.

According to media reports, more than 700 deaths have been reported so far in Rajkot due to Corona's protocol in cremation, while the official book puts the figure at only 92.

The past of the Death Audit Committee to hide the death

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In addition, the government body has issued a statement called Death Audit Committee. In this committee, the deaths of coronary heart disease patients suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory diseases, kidney problems are calculated in such a way that the deaths are not due to corona.

How many funerals were held in Rajkot

Ramnathpara Cemetery 507

80 ft Ring Road Cemetery 145

Largest Cemetery 91

Sadar Cemetery 38

Total 781

The Health Secretary will have this next action plan

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Corona virus is still prevalent in Rajkot. The system is trying to hide the death toll. State Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi is currently visiting the district. The meeting was held today for the 5th day in a row. In which a decision has been taken to conduct house-to-house inspection in 600 villages of the district.

 Verification will be conducted in all the villages in the near future. A team of 1200 employees has been deployed by Tantra for this. Thus the mechanism alert has been seen after the investment of the health secretary.


Important news about Korona Kaher in Rajkot: There are long queues in cemeteries in the city, waiting in 4 cemeteries in the city besides Ramnathpara. For the first time in the history of queuing for a funeral, the system started a special control room for the funeral. #rajkot #Gujarat #coronavirus # COVID19 @GujHFWDept

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