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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Crime: The body of a young man was found hanging from a tree in Dwarka's Varwala village today.

Crime: The body of a young man was found hanging from a tree in Dwarka's Varwala village today.

  • The deceased was working as a young driver, police investigation in the direction of murder or suicide

There is an atmosphere of fear among the people who were killed two days ago in Varwala, a small village near Dwarka. Two days ago, a Rajgor Brahmin youth was killed by his wife after meeting her lover.

 The body of an unmarried young man working as a driver was found hanging from a tree in Varavala village today where the investigation has not been completed yet. Dwarka police took down the body at the spot and shifted it to Dwarka Civil Hospital for postmortem. Police have launched an investigation to trace the murder or suicide.

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The young man was seen in the market till one o'clock at night

According to the information received, Sangabhai Varjangbhai Parmar (age 35), an unmarried young man living in Varwala, five kilometers away from Dwarka, was engaged in the business of driver. He was found hanging from a tree on the main road early this morning. Early in the morning the whole village gathered to see the hanging corpse and the police were informed.

 Police at the scene took down the body and shifted it to the hospital for postmortem and further investigation was carried out. According to people, the deceased Sangabhai was seen in the market till one o'clock in the night. Now the police investigation is going to see if this is a murder or a suicide.

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The young man was killed two days ago

Two days ago, the body of a young man named Arvindbhai (age 36) was found murdered on the agaci in Varwala of Devbhoomi Dwarka district. So the family reported the incident to the police.


 However, the police reached the spot and found the body of the young man in a state of beheading. However, in this case, the police arrested the accused and the murder was committed by none other than the young man's wife and her lover.

(Subhash Singh Lohaniwal, Dwarka)

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