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Thursday, September 24, 2020

CRPF man escapes at age 27, arrested at age 59, gets married twice

CRPF man escapes at age 27, arrested at age 59, gets married twice

  • A CRPF jawan from Anika in Dahod was jailed for life for killing his wife
  • Parole fled after coming on leave: married two in 30 years
  • Jawan also carried out 5 robberies, changed his identity and took refuge in Umargam
A CRPF officer from Anika village in Dahod district was sentenced to life imprisonment for burning his pregnant wife alive. The man, who came home on parole from jail, had committed five counts of robbery after escaping. After changing his identity and settling in Solasumba of Umargam, he got married not once, but twice. The middle-aged man, who was engaged in the business of land brokerage, was finally put back in the cage after 30 years with the help of Dahod LCB and Parole Furlough Squad.

Was sentenced to life imprisonment

Ramsingh Dhanji Damore of Anika village in Zhalod taluka of Dahod district was serving as a constable in CRPF. Ramsingh, who was at home on leave in 1987, killed his wife Jantaben by burning her alive on suspicion of adultery. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Godhra Sessions Court just six months after the case was speeded up. Ramsingh, who is lodged in Vadodara Central Jail, used to go back to the jail once he returned home on parole.

He got married for the second time and became the father of three children
He was released on parole in 1990 due to his good record, but this time he escaped without going to jail. In the meantime, he came in contact with criminals and committed five raids in 1990. After fleeing, he changed his name and lived under the name of Bharat Baria in Pundawari Phalia of Solsumba village in Umargam taluka.
 He also married a young woman here in 1993 and became the father of three children. After the death of his wife in 2014, Ramsingh alias Bharat married a woman from Dharampur for the third time in 2017. Based on the instructions of Godhra Range DIG AS Bharada and SP Hitesh Joysar, LCB PI BD Shah, Parole Farlow PSI MI. 

Sisodia, ASI Ambalal of Parole Furlough Staff, Head Constable Dineshbhai Ganawa, Mahesh Bhagora and Constable Mukesh Sangada had hatched a plan to nab the jail fugitives. The investigation found input from Ramsingh alias Bharat. Ramsingh alias Bharat, who absconded at the age of 27, was rescued by the police after reaching the age of 59. Ramsingh has been handed over to Zhalod police for robbery.
The first wife was burned alive despite being pregnant on suspicion of character
The marriage took place in Dahod district of Ramsingh. He also had a son in the area. He came home on leave in 1987 after serving in the CRPF. He then told his wife that the baby was not his because she was pregnant. Suspecting his wife's character, Ramsingh poured kerosene on her and burned her alive. However, his attempt to commit suicide was unsuccessful and he was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

The mistake of helping his son financially hit Ramsingh hard

Forgetting the past, Ramsingh started his life anew, but he could not forget his son. When Ramsingh approached his son a long time later, he too was about to get married. He decided to fulfill his father's duty by helping financially, but if he went home, Paul would open the door, so he called his son Santrod and gave him money. Dahod police interrogated the son and took his location after finding out the location based on the conversation between the two and finally confirming that it was Bharat Ramsingh.
Stunned children unaware of father's crime history

Ramsingh alias Bharat's first wife and his children, now known as land brokers in Solasumba, Umargam, knew nothing about his crime history. After the death of his first wife, he remarried. All of a sudden, after Ramsingh alias Bharat was caught by the police, all his criminal facts came to light, which shocked his children and wife.

What crimes were registered against Ramsingh?

Ramsingh was first booked in 1987 for murdering his wife in Jhalod under number 392/877. Later in 1990, five offenses numbered 50,95,134,137 and 144 were also registered with the Zhalod police for robbery. Prison Ferrari Gani was booked in Zhalod in 1993 under EPCO 224 from number 55/1993 and on parole jump in 2003 as well.
In Umargam, Bharat Narvi created a new identity

Ramsingh Damore of Anika village in Zhalod taluka escaped from Umargam after returning from jail on parole. There Bharat established his new identity as Narvi Baria. He worked as a watchman for five years in the guesthouse of Umargam GIDC. Arihant then worked as a supervisor at Koyal for 13 years.

 After leaving this job he worked in Sarigam National Metal Company till 2017 to supply labor. During this time he married a woman working in the Solsumba company. He has two sons and a daughter in the area, one of whom is also married to a son and a daughter.

In 2017, he got married for the third time to a woman from Dharampur Barolia village
After the death of his wife, he got married for the third time in 2017 to a woman from Barolia village in Dharampur. In addition to running a land brokerage business, he was also running a grocery shop at Guru Residency in Solasumba village. However, after he sold the shop, he lived in the flat with his wife, who was separated from his sons. Ramsingh also made election cards, Aadhaar cards and ration cards in the name of Bharat Baria. He also voted on that basis.

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