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Monday, September 28, 2020

E-Challan changed rules, police can't ask for vehicle documents on the road, changed law

Big News / E-Challan changed rules, police can't ask for vehicle documents on the road, changed law

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has recently made several changes to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. The new motor vehicle rules proposed by the Center will come into effect from 1 October 2020.

 According to the ministry, traffic rules can be better enforced across the country through IT services and electronic monitoring (e-monitoring). Under the new rules, no vehicle can be stopped on the road just to check documents. This will relieve people from the hassle and embarrassment of blocking documents on the road.

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Physical documents will no longer be required for investigation

According to the new rules, if any document of the vehicle is less or incomplete, the documents will be e-verified by its registration number and the e-challan will be sent online. That is, physical documents will no longer be required to inspect vehicles. Now the question arises that if the documents of the vehicles are not physically examined, how can we know that any document of the vehicle has expired.

Driving license details will be recorded on the portal

The ministry clarified that details of invalid or revoked driving licenses from the licensing authority will be recorded in the portal, which will be updated from time to time. It will appear on the updated data portal.

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 If the details of the documents are found to be valid by electronic means from the enforcement officer, the physical documents will not be demanded for scrutiny. This will include cases where the driver has violated, in which the document will have to be confiscated.

Maintain your vehicle documents electronically

According to the new rules implemented by the central government, vehicle owners will have to maintain their documents in electronic form to get rid of the hassle of stopping on the road. If you understand in simple language, the required documents related to the vehicle such as license, registration document, fitness certificate, permit can be maintained through the government operated web portal. The electronic portal will also make it possible to compound, impound, endorse, suspend and revoke licenses, register and issue e-challans.

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The traffic department will monitor the behavior of such a driver

The traffic department will maintain records electronically. In addition, the driver's behavior can be monitored. In other words, the record of revoked or invalid driving license on the portal will be updated from time to time. This will help officers monitor the driver’s behavior. 


According to the rules, if the documents related to a vehicle have been verified electronically, police officers will not be able to ask for a physical copy of it. The portal will also keep the stamp of the date and time of the investigation and the record of the identity card of the police officer in uniform after requesting the document.

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