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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fire erupts at ONGC gas terminal in Hazira, Surat, early in the morning, three persons missing

Fire erupts at ONGC gas terminal in Hazira, Surat, early in the morning, three persons missing

  • All access to the plant was closed as part of security
  • A convoy of fire brigade and 108 ambulances also reached the spot

Three explosions took place at ONGC's gas terminal in Hazira area of ​​Surat at around 3:15 am. The blast shook the villagers and forced them out of the house. Flames are visible in the sky from far away from the gas terminal. There are fears of casualties in the incident.

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Makhkhijani (fire officer) said that 5 vehicles from three fire stations were sent to the spot. Not only that, but due to a major tragedy, help was also sought from the fire department of a large industry like Reliance. There was a blast in the pipeline coming from Mumbai. After the incident, the fire department of ONGC started working to control the fire with a hydraulic system. The fire is almost under control and the cooling operation is underway. The fire was extinguished by an ONGC chimney.

Three persons are missing after a massive blast

Due to security concerns, the highways from Magadalla Chokdi to Ichchapore Chokdi have been closed. According to fire brigade sources, three people are said to be missing after a fire broke out at a gas terminal and a massive explosion, including a security guard and two workers.

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The fire is likely to cost ONGC billions of rupees

The gas supply from this plant of ONGC is supplied to Hazira Fertilizer Company, Power and Petroleum Companies, CNG Manufacturing Companies, Ceramic Companies. The gas pipeline runs to six states in India, which is expected to cost ONGC billions of rupees.

After the blast, 10 to 12 vehicles of ONGC fire department and vehicles of Surat fire department have also reached to control the fire. A convoy of 108 ambulances has also reached the spot. All access to the plant has been closed as part of security. Police vehicles have also been dispatched to the plant. Almost all contract employees have also been evacuated from the crash site.

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Gas supply was being stored at this (one) plant of ONGC through a gas pipeline coming from Mumbai by sea, in which three blasts were found to have caused chaos. This gas pipeline is 240 kilometers long. It can take many hours to put out a fire. Flames can be seen from the galleries and terraces of people's homes several kilometers away.

No casualties have been reported so far: Collector

Surat District Collector Dr Dhawal Patel said the fire broke out after a gas leak. No casualties have been reported so far. Relief and rescue operations are currently underway.

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    A large number of people from the coastal areas including Dumas, Bhimpore, Gaviar, Bhatpore work in ONGC on permanent and contract basis. Sources said that only 50 per cent of the plants were shut down in two and a half to three hours after the tragedy.


    The ONGC plant in Hazira is spread over 19 km

    The ONGC plant at Hazira in Surat covers an area of ​​about 640 hectares. Its area is 19 km. Scattered throughout the area. LPG, Naphtha, SKO, ATF, HSDN propane are manufactured by ONGC company.

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