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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Low pressure active rain forecast in Bay of Bengal - Possibility of rains on 9th and 11th October in South Gujarat


Low pressure active rain forecast in Bay of Bengal

 - Possibility of rains on 9th and 11th October in South Gujarat

Low pressure in the Bay of Bengal has prompted rains in some parts of the state.  It is likely to rain in South Gujarat on October 9 and 11 by the meteorological department.  The weather department is predicting that we will still have to wait for the next 15 days due to winter.

 The state will still experience a double season for a few days.  It will be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.  Changing the direction of the winds will experience a double season.  The state has been experiencing heavy monsoon this year.

 An estimated 135 per cent rainfall has been recorded across the state.  Many dams in the state have been found to have overflowed.  The Meteorological Department then predicted that it would still have to wait 15 days for winter.

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Forecast: 3 days rainstorm forecast in the city forming new system

Upper air cyclonic circulation has been activated in South Gujarat and surrounding areas. The meteorological department has forecast light to moderate rains in some parts of the state, including Ahmedabad, for the next three days.

It was hot in Ahmedabad till noon on Tuesday. Ahmedabad had a maximum of 34.0 degrees and a minimum of 26.0 degrees. Thunderstorms are expected in Anand, Kheda, Bharuch, Vadodara, Surat, Navsari, Valsad and Chhotaudepur areas.


Forecast again in Gujarat, the last round of rains before the departure of the monsoon

  • Light rain forecast in some parts of the state in the next 24 hours
  •  Ahmedabad is also likely to receive heavy rains
  •  There will be light to moderate rainfall creating low pressure in the Arabian Sea

 Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Meteorological Department has forecast light rain in some areas, including North Gujarat, in the next 24 hours as south-westerly winds prevail in Gujarat.  The next two days will be cloudy across the state.  Ahmedabad is also likely to receive showers for the next two days.

 The meteorological department has once again forecast rains in the state.  After a break of a few days, the rain system is reactivating in the state.  According to the meteorological department, low pressure is building in the Arabian Sea.  Due to which it is likely to rain again in the state (Gujarat Rain Latest News).

 According to the meteorological department, the state is likely to receive light to moderate rains in South Gujarat in the next two days.  Moderate to heavy rains are likely in Valsad, Navsari, Bharuch, Dadarnagar Haveli in South Gujarat.

It may be mentioned here that amid heavy rains on Sunday, there was a general downpour in Amreli district.  Heavy rains lashed Savarkundla, Jafrabad, Khambha, Rajula and Gir panths of Amreli.  Rivers began to flow in the rain-soaked fields.  It also rained in villages including Lore and Facharia.

 121 dams overflow in Gujarat, 167 on high alert

 Several demos have overflowed in the state as of September 6th.  The number of overflow demos has reached 121.  While 167 demos are given a high alert signal.  The number of alert demos has reached 10 and the number of demos that have been given warnings has reached 5.  But there are only 23 demos where water is less than 70 percent of storage capacity.


At present, 89.98 per cent water has been stored in Sardar Sarovar Dam while 8764 per cent water has been stored in 206 dams of the state including Sardar Sarovar.  The highest water is 95.13 per cent in 140 demos in Saurashtra.  Currently, a total of 86 demos in Saurashtra are 100 per cent flooded.  While 17 demos in Central Gujarat have 91.16 per cent water.

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