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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Give an old smartphone and take a new iPhone


This is called offer! Give an old smartphone and take a new iPhone, there will be a benefit of Rs 23,000

Apple has launched its first online store in India. Apple products can now be purchased here. The launch of the online store will give customers a number of benefits, including the Apple Trade In program. Under the Apple Trade in program, a new iPhone can be purchased by exchanging old smartphones. You can see the list of smartphones on the company's website.

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Up to Rs 35,000 discount can be obtained by exchanging old iPhone. When exchanging Android smartphones, you will get a maximum discount of Rs 23,020. For example, if you exchange the old Galaxy S9, you will get a trade-in value of Rs 13,140. Thus, the trade in value of the old iPhone 7 is Rs 12,000.

How Apple Trade in Program Works

You can go to the iPhone Buy option by going to Apple India's website. After selecting the model and memory variant, the details of the old phone will have to be registered. Instant credit will be applied and the price of the new iPhone will be lower.

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Now you have to buy the phone as usual. The company will then need you to prepare the smartphone for trade-in. You are about to return an old phone when the phone is delivered to your location. The company will test the old smartphone on the spot and see its condition. If eligible, a new phone will be provided.


This is a trade-in program for the old iPhone. It is eligible for everything from iPhone XS Max to iPhone 5S. Eligible up to iPhone 5S. The value of iPhone 5S is 3000 rupees....

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