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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Good news for PUBG fans, the game may return soon

 Good news for PUBG fans, the game may return soon

Chinese operative Tencent Games suspended

 Sa.  Decision to hear the helm of Korea's parent company in India

 New Delhi: The Indian government has recently banned PUBG Mobile game in the country.  Apart from PUBG Mobile, the government has banned 117 other Chinese apps.  PUBG Mobile is a very popular game in India.  Now there is good news for the fans of PUBG Mobile game.  PUBG Mobile may return to India soon.  In fact, Pubji Corporation has decided to sever ties with China's Tencent Games.

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 What is the whole matter?

 Pubji was originally developed in South Korea.  The mobile version of the game is owned by the franchise China Tencent Games.

 Now after the ban on Chinese apps in India, Pubji's parent company has decided to take over Pubji's operations in India and suspended the Tencent Games franchise company in India.

The South Korean company will handle PUBG's arch

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 After severing ties with Tencent Games, Pubji's seed company will now carry out Pubji-linked operations in India.

 It also means that the ban on Pubji Mobile in India could be lifted.

 The government banned 118 Chinese apps

 A statement from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said the mobile was a threat to India's sovereignty and integrity, India's defense, state security and public order.

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 The ministry said it had received several complaints that there were several such mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms that stole users' information.

The Chinese app that has been banned this time includes mobile apps like Livic, WeChat Work and WeChat Reading, Aplock Carom Friend, in addition to Pubji.


 Tiktok has also been banned

 This is not the first time the government has banned Chinese apps.

 Many Chinese apps have previously been banned, including the popular Tiktok.

 In late June, India banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, including Tiktok and Hello.

 The latter banned another 47 apps in late July.

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