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Wednesday, September 2, 2020


 Corona cases continue to rise in the state, with 1,305 positive patients in the last 24 hours, 12 deaths and 1,141 people discharged

Corona virus cases continue to rise in the state. In the last 24 hours, Gujarat has recorded the highest number of 1305 new cases of Corona virus. Against which 1141 patients have recovered. In the last 24 hours, 12 patients have died due to Kovid-19 in the state. The total death toll in the state has reached 3048. So currently 94 patients are being kept on ventilators.

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 A total of 80,054 people have been given recovery leave in Gujarat today. Today, a total of 74,523 tests have been conducted across Gujarat. So till today a total of 24 lakh 84 thousand 429 people have been tested in Gujarat. A total of 5,52,772 people have been quarantined in different districts of the state. Out of which 5,52,334 people have been home quarantined. So 420 people have been placed in the facility quarantine.

  • Number of new cases of Coro in Gujarat in last 24 hours - 1305
  • The total number of cases in the state reached - 99050
  • Deaths in Gujarat in last 24 hours - 12

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  • Number of discharged patients in the state today - 1141

  • Total number of patients recovered in Gujarat - 80054
  • Total number of active cases in the state - 15948

Reduction in cases in Ahmedabad

Corona is going on hype in Gujarat. While cases are declining in Ahmedabad. The highest number of 1 thousand 310 cases of corona was reported in the entire state yesterday. Corona is now spreading from large cities to small towns and villages on a large scale. 

Expert doctors say that if the health facilities in the villages are not like those in the cities, people will have to face great hardships. The reason for the decline in corona transmission in cities is also that herd immunity is increasing.

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Corona became the vice president of Behrampura ward of Ahmedabad

Dhanji Vaniya, vice-president of Behrampura ward in Ahmedabad, has been coronated. His corona has come positive during continuous service work activity.

Corona erupted in Rajkot

Corona's case is raging in Rajkot. Then one of the city's other social leaders came to Coronana. Gunwantbhai Delawala Korona, chairman of Sargam Club, has been infected. Patil was also met. Gunwantbhai Delawala's corona report came positive yesterday.


 Control room started at Rajkot Collectorate. A control room was started at a private hospital treating Corona, providing information on the availability of beds. The helpline has also been started by Tantra.

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