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Thursday, September 3, 2020

How long will you be able to play PUBG on your mobile now?


How long will you be able to play PUBG on your mobile now?

The Government of India has banned 118 applications, including PUBG Mobile. Now the question is whether people who already have PUBG Mobile installed in their smartphone will work or not?

Currently PUBG is running on mobile and people can still play and it is still being downloaded. It is currently available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store as of this writing.

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When will it be removed from Playstore?

But after a while i.e. till tomorrow, Apple and Google can remove it. However it will continue to work in mobile even after it is removed from the Play Store and App Store. But if the government wants.

Will PUBG run on mobile after removal from Playstore?

This PUBG has been removed from the App Store but if the app is already downloaded to your mobile can it be played?

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 So the answer is that if the government asks telecom and internet service providers to ban the application by issuing guidelines then you will not be able to play in PUBG mobile.


Earlier, some apps, including Tik Tok, were similarly banned. It is believed that PUBG, like Tik Tok, will be ordered to ban Internet service providers.

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