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Monday, September 28, 2020

I kicked my love-married wife out of my house

Controversy: I kicked my love-married wife out of my house

  • This has made us beggars. Complaints against in-laws beating the country's wax, Rs. Demanded compensation of Rs 20 lakh

A case has come to the notice of the police for threatening to fire a love-married woman. Fed up with the in-laws' harassment, the wife has lodged a complaint and demanded compensation of Rs 20 lakh from her husband and in-laws.

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According to a complaint lodged by Priyanka, a resident of Raiya Road Pier, through advocate Rohitbhai Ghia, only Hasmukhbhai Kodhia of another caste, who lives near her house, had an eye contact with her. The two ran away and got married in court. 

Returning a month later, the couple's family got married on 19-7-2019. After marriage she lived in a joint family. Just a few days after the wedding, my mother-in-law Jyotiben, being of another caste, used to insult my family on the issue of wax, which would make our family beggars. And kept in the house as if he were a housemaid.

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Only when the husband came home did the mother-in-law and father-in-law beat up the husband and beat him up. If the parents came to ask for their distance, they would quarrel and send them away. And he would not even let himself out of the house. 

Three months ago, after being inhumanely tortured and evicted from my house, my parents came to live there. The husband later threatened to divorce her at home. Eventually the husband filed a complaint in court alleging forcible divorce. And demanded compensation of Rs 20 lakh.


Abortion took place without giving food

According to the complaint filed by Priyanka, she was three months pregnant during the marriage. At this time, mother-in-law Jyotiben did not give the same food saying that she did not want a child and had an abortion because she was doing housework all day.

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