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Friday, September 18, 2020

In a business contest, nephew beheaded two people and took out uncle's kasal

 Murder: In a business contest, nephew beheaded two people and took out uncle's kasal

  • The body was found in a bloody condition near a shop in Virda Vajdi on Kalavad Road
  • The nephew suspected that Mama was taking the men to the puncture shop in Metoda

The bloodied body of a Bihari youth was found near his house in Virda Vajdi on Kalawad Road in a part of the city. The young man was beheaded by his own nephew in a business rivalry. Police launched an exercise to nab the accused after it was revealed that the hired killers had stabbed and killed Tommy.

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Mohammad Jashim Mohammad Allauddin Shah (b. 37), a young Bihari who lives in Vajdi and owns a puncture shop right next to his house, was sleeping in a bed outside the shop on Thursday night when his daughter Gudiya (b. When she reached near, she saw father Mohammed in a bloody state and started crying. People gathered to hear the baby's cries, 108 were reached to report the incident but the EMT spotted and declared Mohammad dead.

 A team including PI Thackeray of the University Police Station reached the spot on learning of the incident. The body was sent for postmortem with a blunt object wound on the head of the youth.

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 After the postmortem revealed that Mohammad was killed, the police registered a case of murder against a stranger on the complaint of the deceased's brother Mohammad Naseem Shah.

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Mohammad Jashim, the third of four brothers and two sisters, had settled in Vajdi for 80 years and was running a puncture repair shop, along with his wife Rosinakhatun, daughter Guddi (b. 4) and son Bholu (b. 8) of the family, police sources said. Gujran was running. It was a challenge for the police to find out who killed the young man and why,


 if he did not have a feud with anyone, although the police resolved the differences within hours. Mohammad Jashim's nephew, a native of Bihar, owned a puncture repair shop in Metoda and he was suspected to be being taken away by Mama Mohammad Jashim's men from his shop.

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