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Sunday, September 6, 2020


The number of matches in a day can be increased to 2, now there can be double headers every seven days instead of 5 as before.

The league final will be played on November 8. The tournament will be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Spectators will be able to enjoy the entire tournament. IPL chairman Brijesh Patel made the official announcement on Friday. The IPL has got a big window as the T20 World Cup has been postponed.

The IPL Governing Council will meet next week. There are three major agendas to be discussed. These include shifting leagues to the UAE, creating Corona guidelines for franchises, and broadcasters' demand.

1. Shifting the league to UAE, determining the venue and number of matches

An official associated with the franchise told the news agency that the BCCI would inform the Emirates Cricket Board as soon as it was allowed to play in the UAE. As far as I know, the board will not shorten this tournament. There will be 60 matches just like the old format. Each team will play 14-14 matches. Given the double header (two matches in one day) the tournament can be from 44 to 48 days. The original schedule was to have a double header only on 5th Sunday. However, the number may increase depending on the current situation.

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2. There will be talk about guidelines and training for the franchise
The UAE has three cricket stadiums where IPL matches can be played - Dubai International Stadium, Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Stadium and Sharjah's Stadium. BCCI is reportedly hiring teams from the ICC Academy for training. 

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 In addition to the 38 turf and 6 indoor pitches, it also has an outdoor conditioning area of ​​5700 square feet. There is also a physiotherapy and medicine center. So the team that stays in Dubai will be able to train at the ICC Academy by paying a fee. The team based in Abu Dhabi can also practice here as it is only an hour and a half away from Dubai.

3. The demand of broadcasters will be discussed

The IPL's governing council meeting will discuss the schedule and length of the tournament with broadcasters. The league's broadcasters Star Sports have acquired IPL rights for Rs 16,347 crore. The timing of the match will also be discussed at the meeting. It will be decided whether the match will be played at 8 pm (6.30 PM Dubai time) Indian time or half an hour before.

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