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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Make millions of dollars, even with a modest investment of 25 years' fixed income

 Make millions of dollars, even with a modest investment of 25 years' fixed income

In the Corona era, people have turned more towards business. If you also want to earn millions of rupees by using the empty roof of your house, then you have to install solar panels on the roof. Solar panels can be installed anywhere. You can also supply electricity to the grid by installing solar panels on the roof if you wish.

 Electricity is constantly getting more expensive. Which is having a direct impact on people's household budgets. However, reducing the electricity bill is not very difficult. The Central Government's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy gives a 30 per cent subsidy on rooftop solar plots to solar panel installers. Installing rooftop solar panels without subsidy costs around Rs 1 lakh.

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Let us know what is the whole process of this scheme and its benefits

First of all, let's talk about the costs involved

A solar panel costs about one lakh rupees. These costs vary from state to state. But after a subsidy from the government, a kilowatt solar plot is installed for only Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000. Let me tell you that some states also provide more subsidies for it separately. If you do not have a full 60 thousand rupees to install a solar power plant, you can take a home loan from any bank. The finance ministry has asked all banks to provide home loans.

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Now let's talk about the benefits that come with it

Solar panels are 25 years old. You can easily install this panel on your roof and the electricity received by the panel will be free. At the same time we can sell the remaining electricity to the government or company through the grid. Means earning with Free. If you install a two kilowatt solar panel on the roof of your house, it will generate about 10 units of electricity in case of heat loss for 10 hours a day. If we calculate the month, a two kilowatt solar panel will generate about 300 units of electricity.

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Buy Solar Panels This Way

  • You can contact the Renewable Energy Development Authority of the state government to purchase solar panels.
  • For which offices have been set up in major cities of the states.
  • Solar panels are also available from private dealers in every city.
  • Forms for subsidy will also be available from the Authority office.
  • The authority has to be contacted first to take a loan.

No maintenance costs

There is also no tension of any cost for information in solar panels. But its battery has to be replaced once every 10 years. It costs about 20 thousand rupees. These solar panels can be easily moved from one place to another.


Solar panels up to five hundred watts will be available

The initiative was launched by the government with a view to protecting the environment. Solar power panels with a capacity of up to five hundred watts can be installed as required. Under this, each such panel of five hundred watts will cost up to Rs 50,000. The plant can be installed from one kilowatt to five kilowatt capacity.

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